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Clair at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Clair, North Africa & Middle East Specialist

Clair has always had an interest in travel, however it was a semester spent abroad at the University of Damascus, Syria, which fully initiated her passion for North Africa and the Middle East. Whilst living in Syria, she traveled extensively around the country itself and to neighboring Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

After graduating with a degree in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of St Andrews, Clair continued to visit the region professionally, always of course ensuring that she allowed time to relax and explore under her own steam.

Upon joining Audley as a North Africa specialist, Clair returned to Morocco, Jordan and Israel, further fuelling her love of this interesting and diverse region, and allowing her to take in some of the amazing experiences available to our clients.

When not working, Clair enjoys running, cycling and reading as well as recreating some of the wonderful dishes she has tasted on her travels.

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The Dead Sea, Jordan

I recommend visiting - The Dead Sea

Having seen a picture as a child of a floating tourist reading a newspaper, this extraordinary destination has always been at the top of my visit list and at approximately 1,300 feet below sea level, there truly is nowhere on Earth like it.

The Dead Sea is 1,236 feet deep and its 33.7% salinity has earned it its legendary title. The harsh environment prevents any existence of life; however the pleasant side effect of this high mineral content is that you float whilst swimming. The name fails to reveal the incredible beauty of this phenomenal place, particularly the inimitable crystalized border.

Late afternoon is locally considered as the optimum time to discover it and the sunset from the Jordanian side is spectacular. The attraction for many visitors each year, aside from historical legends, is the reported benefits of the dead sea mud, which can be found in pots on most of the pebbled 'beaches' or available for purchase.

The many luxurious hotels dotted around the water's edge make it an ideal place to relax after a trip exploring Jordan, and as it is only one hour from Queen Alia International Airport, a visit to the Dead Sea can be easily incorporated into most trips. Just be sure to avoid getting the water in your eyes!

I'll never forget when…

My most memorable travel experience - and the one which has shaped many of my travels since - has to be visiting Petra for the first time. I was excited as we approached the historic sight and every expectation I had was instantly surpassed as soon as I took in the façade of the Treasury for the first time.

There are many must see treasures throughout the ancient city and my favorites have to be the High Place of Sacrifice and the Monastery. Located at the top of a challenging number of steps, the reward is utterly breath-taking.

Photos of Clair

  • Clair in the Canadian Rockies Clair in the Canadian Rockies
  • Clair at Jerash, Jordan Clair at Jerash, Jordan
  • Clair at the Erg Chebbi Camp, Morocco Clair at the Erg Chebbi Camp, Morocco
  • Clair at Raz al Jinz, Oman Clair at Raz al Jinz, Oman
  • Clair on a whale watching trip, Canada Clair on a whale watching trip, Canada