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Colombians refer to the Amazon region as Amazonia.

This vast expanse of jungle and wildlife accounts for a third (643,000 sqkm) of the country’s total area. The population is around 404,000 with few towns and settlements in the rainforest.


You can fly to Leticia which is a pleasant town that sits on the banks of the Amazon River. The town is also ideally situated on the borders of Brazil and Peru so it acts as a good gateway to the Amazon and its adventures.

Flora, wildlife and indigenous people

It is a truly amazing experience to explore the rainforest and its wildlife. The variety of flora and fauna is so vast that biologists will have a hard time to catalogue every species.

Living amongst the array of flora and wildlife there are many indigenous people. Fortunately they have been able to preserve their culture as few tourists can gain access to their settlements as river journeys are the main form of transportation.

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