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Icy wind whistling over mirror-smooth seas, the sleek shapes of an orca pod in hot pursuit of a seal, waves of cold as you glide past an iceberg that seems to glow deep blue in the midnight sun… The most heart-stopping moments in the polar region are had on the water. We’ve partnered with Quark Expeditions to provide a highly attentive service and intimate experiences during your voyage. When you’re not at sea, we can help you explore the countries that surround these frigid waters, to make the most out of your trip to the literal ends of the Earth.

The polar regions really are humanity’s last frontier, and Quark offers a chance to explore in purely indulgent comfort. The newest ship, The Ultramarine, has two helicopters, a Zodiac hangar that’s at water level, and a wraparound viewing deck where you can take in all the remote, icy beauty, no matter where the bow is pointed.

Quark destinations

From the icy channels of the South Georgia Islands to Shackleton’s base on remote Elephant Island, Quark takes you to the coldest, most pristine landscapes on the planet — the polar regions.

Trip ideas featuring Quark

The only way to truly appreciate the Antarctic is from the water. Our trip below gives you an idea of how we can combine a Quark Expedition cruise with time in Buenos Aires and Terra del Fuego, but we’ll craft your itinerary to suit your own personal tastes.

Quark ships

All of Quark’s vessels are intimate expedition ships, carrying fewer than 200 passengers, so they can access areas that are off limits to bigger ships, as well as having a reduced environmental footprint. You’ll have your choice of amenities, too, with spacious suites coming as standard.

  • Ocean Adventurer

    Ocean Adventurer

    A grande dame of expedition cruising, the Ocean Adventurer endures as one of the best vessels in the fleet. Sailing to both Polar Regions, she balances plenty of on-board diversions alongside a full list of off-board activities.

  • World Explorer Rendering

    World Explorer

    If you’re interested in a more luxurious option for your polar cruise, there’s the World Explorer, with its private balconies and extensive on-board facilities. Here’s a rundown of all its features and vital statistics.

  • Ultramarine


    There’s plenty of room on board the Ultramarine, with many indoor and outdoor spaces giving you prime views of the polar landscapes. But, it’s the helicopter flights and adventure activities that give this ship a real edge as an expedition vessel.

Quark in pictures

Further inspiration

If you’re looking for more inspiration, the video below can help you fire up your imagination. Whether you’re set on a polar trip or considering a different destination, we can help you set sail for adventure.

Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions