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Boracay Island tour, The Philippines

Puka Beach is the second longest beach in the island and covers half of the northern tip. The mild surf is typical of an island surrounded by fringing reefs. The beach is 800 metres long and has an abundance of small shells and tiny, white coral amulets, which are suitable for necklace pendants. Puka Beach is named after the Puka shell, regarded by experts as the finest in the world. The beach ends abruptly at the Lapuz-Lapuz cliffs, on the extreme northern point of the island. This is the most primitive and rugged part of Boracay, attracting far fewer visitors than other areas.

The Fairways and Bluewater Resort is uniquely situated in the middle of an 18-hole golf course, which makes it an ideal place for golfers, but also for those who seek tranquility away from the crowded beaches. Guests will enjoy the beautiful view of the golf course and can relax on two of the private beaches within the resort. Mount Luho is the highest point on Boracay and rises to an altitude of about 100 metres above sea level. The panoramic view from the top makes the demanding climb worthwhile. You will also have the opportunity to visit Bulabog Beach, which is often deserted but comes alive during the early months of each year when windsurfers skim through its waters. Amateurs and professionals take advantage of the strong winds as they race from one end to the other. A new trend is also taking shape here - kiteboarding, with the windy conditions until the months of June and July, when the southwest monsoon begins, being particularly favourable for it.

The tour will last around three to four hours and includes transportation, a guide, entrance fees and lunch.

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