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Smaller, outlying islands of the Seychelles

When is the best time to visit the Seychelles?

The best time to visit the Seychelles is either between April and May, or October and November. These are the calmer periods in between the two trade winds the island experiences each year. However, since the Seychelles is just seven degrees south of the Equator, the climate is beautiful all year. The temperature is consistently around 30°C, with a mixture of sunshine and tropical showers, and sea breezes can deal with much of the humidity.

The northwest trade wind from November to March and southeast wind from May to September can cause seaweed to build up on some beaches, so it is important to consider the right hotel locations at different times of year.

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I would be happy to be in the Seychelles at any time of year. It's such a relaxing place that the odd shower never bothers me, because it's always warm and there's usually sun to follow.

Alex, Africa Safari Specialist

Seychelles Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bird Island 28°C 323mm 29°C 239mm 29°C 171mm 30°C 168mm 30°C 137mm 28°C 71mm 27°C 61mm 27°C 77mm 28°C 114mm 28°C 155mm 29°C 179mm 28°C 253mm
Denis Island 28°C 362mm 29°C 273mm 29°C 189mm 30°C 183mm 30°C 143mm 28°C 74mm 27°C 65mm 27°C 84mm 28°C 128mm 28°C 170mm 29°C 194mm 28°C 278mm
La Digue 28°C 366mm 29°C 278mm 29°C 193mm 30°C 185mm 29°C 143mm 28°C 74mm 27°C 66mm 27°C 85mm 27°C 129mm 28°C 173mm 29°C 196mm 28°C 281mm
Mahé Island 28°C 379mm 28°C 288mm 29°C 200mm 30°C 192mm 29°C 148mm 28°C 77mm 27°C 68mm 27°C 88mm 27°C 135mm 28°C 177mm 28°C 201mm 28°C 292mm
Praslin 28°C 366mm 29°C 277mm 29°C 192mm 30°C 185mm 29°C 144mm 28°C 74mm 27°C 66mm 27°C 85mm 27°C 129mm 28°C 172mm 29°C 196mm 28°C 281mm

Month-by-month guide to travelling in the Seychelles

Fregate Island, Seychelles

Visiting the Seychelles in January - March

The northwest trade wind blows in during this period and the climate is hot and humid, with some rainfall. It's possible to see turtle hatchlings at this time of year. 

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