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Pangong Lake

When is the best time to visit Tibet?

Tibet is on a high altitude plateau, with much of the country experiencing permafrost throughout the year. For their largely clear, azure skies May and October are generally considered the finest months for travelling in Tibet. However, it is possible to visit most areas of the country any time between April and November and despite the altitude it is surprisingly warm during these months.

Between December and March it gets extremely cold and snowy, which although picturesque, can prevent flights from entering the country and makes much of Tibet’s mountainous landscape inaccessible.

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My favourite time to visit Tibet is in the second half of October, because it is typically clear and dry, giving you the best opportunity to view the spectacular panorama of Everest and the surrounding mountain landscape. It is a little cold at this time, but this means fewer people visit so the sites are less crowded.

Chris, North & Central Asia & Oman Specialist

Tibet Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Everest Base Camp -4°C 6mm -3°C 4mm -1°C 6mm 3°C 7mm 6°C 7mm 10°C 28mm 9°C 90mm 9°C 103mm 7°C 37mm 4°C 17mm 0°C 1mm -1°C 2mm
Gyantse 4°C 0mm 6°C 0mm 9°C 2mm 13°C 4mm 16°C 15mm 19°C 46mm 19°C 93mm 18°C 93mm 17°C 43mm 13°C 6mm 9°C 2mm 6°C 0mm
Lhasa 6°C 0mm 9°C 1mm 12°C 2mm 15°C 7mm 19°C 24mm 23°C 75mm 22°C 124mm 21°C 130mm 19°C 58mm 16°C 9mm 11°C 2mm 7°C 1mm
Tingri 2°C 5mm 3°C 5mm 6°C 7mm 10°C 7mm 13°C 9mm 17°C 38mm 16°C 107mm 15°C 118mm 14°C 44mm 11°C 16mm 6°C 1mm 4°C 3mm

Month-by-month guide to travelling in Tibet

On the road to Gyantse

Visiting Tibet in February - March

The weather is extremely cold and often snowy during this period, making much of the country inaccessible beyond the main cities. In addition, the Chinese government often does not issue Tibet permits to foreigners during a six week period during this time, for Tibetan New Year.

Events & Festivals

  • Tibetan New Year typically falls in February, and is celebrated by a week-long festival of horse races, archery and dancing.

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