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Our two daughters are now 8 and 10 and after a few vacations closer to home we feel they are now old enough to enjoy a long haul trip. We love the outdoors and activities, would like to travel for about three weeks and we want this to be a vacation of a lifetime.

Hardy Reef


Dear Stephen,

If you're looking for a family vacation of a lifetime catering for younger children, Australia is a superb option.

Sydney is an amazing city with activities to entertain all ages and you are never far from a relaxing beach, a fun boat trip or an enjoyable museum, zoo or aquarium.

South Australia and the tropics of north Queensland offer some incredible opportunities for viewing wildlife: from sea lions, to kangaroos and birdlife in the south, to the amazing marine life off the Barrier Reef in the north — and all close to excellent hotels and lodges.

Traveling by car in Australia is easy and you can follow your own timetable to fit around the children. Wonderful self-catering apartments across the country make this so much easier — and economical too.

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