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Melbourne, Australia

Places to visit in Australia

In a country that dwarfs the entire continent of Europe there’s much to see. Australia’s character is quicksilver: one moment, you could be admiring the Sydney skyline, the next, you might be far from city lights, stargazing in the wildernesses of the Outback in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park or the Kimberley. It’s a land of extremes. Think of the 12 sandstone pinnacles waymarking the Great Ocean Road, or the thousands of corals and cays combining to create the Great Barrier Reef. Our Australia specialists have a deep understanding of the country’s landscapes and attractions. As well as offering tips for unlocking the major cities of the east and west coasts, they can help you explore some of Australia’s pristine environments, from natural island wildlife reserves to remote, Aboriginal Arnhem Land.

Book a vacation to Australia and experience the natural beauty Ayers Rock (Uluru), pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef and iconic Sydney skyline. Other attractions include the untouched coastline of Western Australia and self-driving along the Great Ocean Road.

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Popular places to visit in Australia

Featuring heavily on our itinerary ideas for visiting Australia, these places are destinations that we know prove consistently popular with our travelers. How you choose to include them in your trip can be tailored into a route that best suits your preferences.

Map of places to visit in Australia

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