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North of the Ngorongoro Crater, and far off the beaten track, you will find the Maasai’s Mountain of God (Ol Donyo Lengai). An active carbonate volcano, it is a focal point for the Maasai, whose land stretches out for hundreds of miles in every direction.

Wildlife of Ol Donyo Lengai

There are rugged mountains where vultures soar and baboon bark, dusty gorges where the Maasai bring their cattle to drink, and endless grassy plains. Here, zebra, giraffe and gazelle intermingle with the Maasai’s goats and cows.

Maasai manyattas (villages)

The wildlife and Maasai live side by side as they have done for years. Crouching low on the plains are numerous manyattas (villages), crooked sticks and cracked clay houses arranged around cattle kraals under the hot sun. Young children herd goats, elders in bright red togas sit under acacias and the morani (warriors) watch guard, spears in their hands, intricate beading around their necks and ochre in their hair. It is a wild and fascinating area and we recommend you stay for a few nights to gain an insight into Maasai culture.

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