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London. England

England tours

These itineraries are designed to give you some suggestions for what is possible when you travel in England, and they showcase some of the routes that we’ve found work particularly well.

England tours

England tours

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  • Edinburgh

    Capitals & countryside of England & Scotland

    Scotland and England
    • Whizz around London in a traditional black cab.

    • Explore Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London.

    • Marvel at the unspoilt villages in the Cotswolds.

    • Walk the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

    • Experience a traditional Scottish music and dance show.

    • Kayak on Loch Lomond while on the lookout for wildlife.

    8 days from $5,435pp

  • Arc de Triomphe, Paris

    Highlights of London & Paris

    France and England
    • Explore the Tower of London with an iconic Beefeater guard.

    • Indulge in a classic afternoon tea that you helped prepare yourself.

    • Travel through London's backstreets with a local in a vintage Mini Cooper.

    • Enjoy a day trip to Château de Versailles with skip-the-line access.

    • Explore the Louvre by night for a unique way to see the museum’s most famous works.

    • Eat your way through Saint-Germain on a delicious pastry and chocolate tour.

    7 days from $5,640pp

  • Buckingham Palace Guards

    Royal Britain

    Scotland and England
    • Watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

    • Whiz around London on a Mini Cooper tour.

    • Stroll the UNESCO protected cobbled streets of Edinburgh’s Old and New town.

    • Visit Holyroodhouse, the Queen’s Scottish residence.

    • Admire Scone Palace, where former Scottish kings were crowned.

    7 days from $6,080pp

  • Highclere Castle

    Downton Abbey experience

    • Explore the city in an iconic black cab.

    • Visit Highclere Castle and filming locations of Downtown Abbey.

    • Walk the cobblestone lanes of Bath with a private, local guide.

    • Experience two of London’s landmarks, the Tower of London and Kensington Palace.

    6 days from $6,515pp

  • Leonardo Da Vinci's House, Clos Lucé

    The Leonardo da Vinci grand tour of Europe

    France, England and Tuscany
    • Examine the Mona Lisa with an expert local guide in the Louvre in Paris.

    • Stroll through Leonardo’s chateau and gardens in the Loire valley where he died.

    • Explore a room dedicated to Leonardo’s work on a guided tour of Uffizi Gallery.

    • Visit the Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace to view the Royal Collection of Da Vinci drawings.

    12 days from $7,080pp

  • Stratford-upon-Avon

    Literary tour through England

    • Marvel at the unspoilt village of Lacock and the mysterious ancient site of Avebury.

    • Attend a performance at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.

    • Explore the wild countryside of the Lake District.

    • Wander the streets of the university city of Oxford.

    9 days from $9,270pp

  • Vegetable produce, Borough market

    Foodie tour of the British Isles

    Ireland, Scotland and England
    • Take afternoon tea lessons with a local.

    • Enjoy a secret cottage tour in the Cotswolds.

    • Experience rural farm life in the Lake District.

    • Sip a selection of fine Scottish whiskies in a local distillery.

    • Try your hand at Irish bread making.

    17 days from $10,340pp

  • Dover Castle

    Military history tour of England & France

    France and England
    • Visit the historic Churchill War Rooms and Imperial War Museum.

    • Explore the Dover Castle and its historically significant military tunnels.

    • Visit two American D-Day beaches: Omaha and Utah.

    • Tour Saint-Mère-Église, the first French town liberated by the Americans.

    • Walk among the gravestones at the American Cemetery.

    10 days from $10,350pp

  • The Tower of London

    Historic Britain

    Scotland and England
    • Visit Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London by boat.

    • View the National Trust White Cliffs of Dover.

    • Explore the historical university city of Oxford.

    • Partake in a walking tour that visits pubs once frequented by The Beatles.

    • Wander the cobbled streets of Edinburgh’s old and new town.

    15 days from $10,500pp

  • Bath

    Idyllic England

    • Visit Buckingham and Windsor Palaces — both residences of the British royal family.

    • Explore the UNESCO world heritage city of Bath.

    • Travel through the rolling countryside and quintessential villages of the Cotswolds.

    • Visit the famous university town of Oxford and try your hand at chauffeured punting.

    • Explore the wild countryside of the Lake District.

    12 days from $10,830pp

  • Edinburgh skyline

    Grand tour of the British Isles

    Ireland, Scotland and England
    • Wander the fabled streets of Oxford’s prestigious university.

    • Explore the idyllic villages and quintessential English landscape of the Cotswolds.

    • Visit the Roman and Georgian highlights of the UNESCO protected Bath.

    • Reflect on Northern Ireland’s troubled past on a city tour.

    • Visit the iconic Cliffs of Moher.

    21 days from $13,155pp

  • St Paul's Cathedral

    London & Paris luxury honeymoon

    France and England
    • Cycle past royal palaces and historic sites on a private tour of London.

    • Delight in a full day cooking class at a well-respected Parisian cooking school.

    • Get to know the City of Light with a private driver in a 1960s vintage car tour.

    10 days from $16,490pp

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