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Oxford, England

When is the best time to visit England?

Oxford, England

The best time to visit England is during spring (late March to early June) and fall (September to November). You’ll avoid the highest visitor numbers of the summer months, and experience displays of spring flowers or the changing hues of the fall leaves. Temperatures are pleasant, around 48F-64F in spring and 48F-68F in fall.

Summer is from June to August, with temperatures typically ranging between 70F and 80F.

England does get snow during the winter, although this is only occasionally and it tends to fall in the north of England and on high ground. Areas such as the Lake District can be beautifully snowy in winter, although some hotels and attractions may be closed. As temperatures remain relatively mild at around 45F, winter can be a fantastic time to visit England while it’s quieter.

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Month-by-month guide for traveling in England

The Cotswolds in winter

Visiting England in January

This is the coldest month of the year, and you’ll find snow in the northern and mountainous parts of the country, the Lake District in particular. The sun rises late and sets early, and the weather is usually cool and damp, although you may experience crisp and sunny days. New Year’s Day is January’s only public holiday.

Flowers in February

Visiting England in February

February is cold and usually mildly drier than January, but snowdrops begin to poke through the frosty ground toward the end of the month. London Fashion Week usually falls in February, bringing excitement to the capital.

Events & Festivals

  • London Fashion Week is held in February and September, showcasing the latest styles and fashions on the catwalk.
St Paul's Cathedral

Visiting England in March - April

Temperatures rise and spring flowers emerge in the countryside, most notably daffodils in March and fruit tree blossoms and bluebells in late April. Bath holds a literature festival every March, with talks, shows and readings. Easter is a public holiday and places (and hotels) get very busy over this period.

Fountains Abbey Yorkshire

Visiting England in May - June

May and June are typically warm and sunny, with less rainfall than over winter. This is a fantastic time for visiting gardens and parks — indeed the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show is held during late May. May has two public holidays, one at either end of the month, making the first and last weekend of May very busy. June is when the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship is usually held, and Royal Ascot horse races also take place in June or July.

Events & Festivals

  • Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is held in London for a fortnight, where the best tennis players compete from all over the world on a grass court.
  • A celebration of the great English garden, the Chelsea Flower Show is held in London over several days and showcases award-winning gardens and their creators.
Anne Hathaway's cottage

Visiting England in July - August

Ostensibly the hottest, driest months of the year, July and August nevertheless cannot be relied on for good weather. The schools break for the summer in mid-July, so this is one of the busiest and most expensive times of year to travel to England. Several music festivals are held over this period, and the Notting Hill Carnival is celebrated toward the end of August, to coincide with the summer’s final public holiday.

Events & Festivals

  • The Notting Hill Carnival is a celebration of dance and music and decorated floats, held in London on the last weekend of the month, a public holiday.

Visiting England in September

Temperatures begin to cool slightly in September, although this is often still a warm, dry and sunny month. Farmers in rural areas prepare for the harvest. York Food and Drink Festival and Bath’s Jane Austen Festival are held in September.

Events & Festivals

  • London Fashion Week is held in February and September, showcasing the latest styles and fashions on the catwalk.
  • The York Food and Drink Festival is a celebration of Yorkshire produce, with cookery lessons, chef demonstrations, street food, tastings and pop-up bars.
York Moors railway

Visiting England in October

Autumn foliage and cool temperatures typify October, a lovely month for countryside hikes followed by a meal next to a roaring fire in a local pub. Schools typically break for half term in the latter half of the month, which is a busy week to travel. Falmouth Oyster Festival is celebrated in October down in Cornwall.

Events & Festivals

  • Celebrating the start of the oyster dredging season, the Falmouth Oyster Festival is made up of cookery demonstrations, live music and food stalls.
Lake Windermere

Visiting England in November

November is usually a cold and damp month, with the sun setting at around 4pm to 4:30pm. Guy Fawkes Night is celebrated early in the month with bonfires and fireworks, while on the 11th of the month, Remembrance Day is held in every town, village and city across the country to commemorate fallen soldiers.

Events & Festivals

  • Guy Fawkes night is held on or around 5th November, with bonfires and firework displays in most towns, cities and villages in England.
  • Remembrance Day commemorates the fallen soldiers in the wars. Wreaths of poppies are placed on war memorials, in particular, the Cenotaph in London.

Visiting England in December

Christmas lights decorating England’s towns and cities are usually switched on in early December, brightening the dark evenings. Across England, Christmas Day and Boxing Day (26th Dec) are public holidays, and many shops will only close over these days. Other attractions and sites may close for a longer period in between Christmas and New Year.

Events & Festivals

  • Christmas is celebrated in December with Christmas trees and lights decorating towns, villages and cities and carol singing.

England Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bath 45°F 3" 45°F 3" 50°F 3" 54°F 2" 61°F 3" 66°F 3" 70°F 2" 68°F 3" 64°F 3" 57°F 3" 50°F 3" 46°F 4"
Cambridge 43°F 2" 45°F 1" 50°F 2" 55°F 2" 61°F 2" 68°F 2" 70°F 2" 70°F 2" 66°F 2" 59°F 2" 50°F 2" 45°F 2"
Liverpool 45°F 2" 45°F 2" 48°F 2" 54°F 2" 59°F 2" 64°F 2" 66°F 2" 66°F 3" 63°F 3" 57°F 3" 50°F 3" 45°F 3"
London 46°F 2" 46°F 2" 52°F 2" 57°F 2" 64°F 2" 70°F 2" 73°F 2" 73°F 2" 68°F 2" 61°F 2" 52°F 2" 48°F 2"
Oxford 45°F 2" 45°F 2" 50°F 2" 55°F 2" 61°F 2" 66°F 2" 72°F 2" 70°F 2" 64°F 2" 59°F 2" 50°F 2" 45°F 3"
Stratford-upon-Avon 43°F 2" 45°F 2" 48°F 2" 54°F 2" 61°F 2" 66°F 2" 70°F 2" 70°F 3" 64°F 2" 57°F 2" 48°F 2" 45°F 3"
The Lake District 41°F 12" 41°F 8" 45°F 10" 50°F 6" 55°F 6" 61°F 6" 63°F 7" 63°F 9" 57°F 11" 54°F 13" 45°F 12" 41°F 13"
York 43°F 2" 43°F 2" 48°F 2" 54°F 2" 59°F 2" 66°F 2" 68°F 2" 68°F 3" 64°F 2" 57°F 2" 48°F 2" 45°F 2"

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