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In the coming months, travel is going to require a little additional planning. Countries around the world are starting to provide details of their new entry regimes, and we’ve noticed certain trends emerging. The most common requirement is for visitors to have taken a PCR antigen test to prove they don’t have an active Covid-19 infection.

Many countries are requiring visitors to take this test within 72 hours of arrival, though there’s some variation in this timescale and you should check the precise requirements of the country you’re visiting.

When you take into account the travel time to the destination, a quick turnaround time is essential. To accommodate this, many private facilities in the UK now offer testing services specifically for travellers, providing both rapid results and a certificate that’s acceptable to overseas authorities and airlines.

To make travel easier for you, we’ve researched the available testing companies and have identified Nomad Travel Clinics as one of the most comprehensive options available. Nomad is well established and has efficient systems set up to meet the needs of travellers, and it offers other routine travel services, like travel vaccines and malaria tablets.

Nomad’s new range of Covid-19 tests should meet most destination requirements, and it provides options for either self-testing at home or in-clinic visits. Please check Nomad’s website for details of the costs of their services.