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Trip planning

Where can I plan a trip to?

We can help you make travel plans for 2022 and beyond by offering the peace of mind that you can rearrange your trip if any of the following reasons prevent us from operating your trip:

  • Your destination is on the government’s red list.
  • Current FCDO advice is against all but essential travel to your destination.
  • Your destination isn’t allowing entry to UK visitors, or is imposing quarantining.
  • The experience you’ll have during your trip won’t meet our standards.

Read where you can travel now and in the near future.

What happens if I book a trip and something changes, such as the destination requires quarantining or British travellers aren’t allowed in?

We have a dedicated team to manage our own country reopening process to minimise the risk of this happening. Following extensive research and calls with our local partners on the ground, we’ll only declare a country open for travel once we’re satisfied that all entry requirements can be met, appropriate safety and hygiene measures are in place, and that travel there will be enjoyable and fulfilling.

What if I’m not a UK citizen, but reside in the UK — which travel restrictions should I follow?

Different rules can apply around where and how you can travel if you’re a UK citizen living outside the UK or a non-UK citizen travelling from the UK. Any traveller departing or returning to the UK from their trip is bound by UK travel restrictions, regardless of their citizenship.

It’s less clear if you’re a UK or non-UK citizen living in an overseas destination. In general, you’re bound by the travel restrictions of the country you’re living in, so you should check these carefully. You should also make sure your travel insurance policy is valid for your situation.

My Audley booking

I have a trip booked with Audley and I'm due to pay my final balance, but UK or local government advice prevents me from travelling. What are my options?

Your specialist should have been in touch with you already to discuss your options if your final balance is due. You can choose to postpone your trip, book a trip to an alternative destination or accept a cash refund.

I have a trip booked with Audley and my final balance isn’t due, but government advice currently prevents me from travelling. What are my options?

We’re currently reaching out to our clients based on when their final balance is due to explain the options available to them. At this point, these options will include postponing your trip to a future date, book a trip to an alternative destination or accepting a cash refund.

The situation is very fluid, and we’re amending and reviewing our approach regularly to fit this changing landscape, while always prioritising your safety, comfort and well-being.

I’m due to travel in the future, but want to cancel or postpone now — can I do that?

If you’ve booked a trip under our flexibility promise, you can postpone your trip before your final balance is due to a date in the future and we won’t charge you any amendment fees to do so. You will, however, be responsible for any changes in cost, for example due to year-on-year increases, a change in seasonality, your accommodation choices or routing, or year-on-year increases.

If you wish to cancel before your final balance is due, we can organise that for you. The charges that would be applied are dependent both on your ability to travel based on the advice of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and on our terms and conditions.

I’m travelling in the future, but have lost confidence in the destination, can I change destination?

We’re happy to accommodate this but would have to pass on the cancellation charges we incur on your original booking. Please be aware that there may be additional costs associated with switching to a different country based on a number of factors, such as availability, seasonality, or the general cost of visiting your new destination.

Preparing to travel

What about Covid-19 testing? How long before travelling should I get tested? Which recognised clinics should I go through?

The timing of the test and proof required varies by country, so it’s important to check the specific requirements for your trip before you travel. Many private facilities in the UK now offer testing services specifically designed for travellers, providing a quick turnaround time and a certificate that’s acceptable to overseas authorities and airlines. Please refer to our testing pages for more information.

What if I need to arrange a test in my destination before returning home to satisfy the entry requirements in my home country?

Our testing pages cover our approach to supporting you with in-destination testing. Your specialist can provide further details and advise whether any minor adjustments need to be made to your itinerary to accommodate the testing timescale.

What if I need to provide evidence of vaccination?

Many destinations now require this for travel and the NHS App is widely accepted as proof of vaccination for travel. Your specialist will keep you informed of the most up-to-date entry requirements for your destination and any variances where the NHS app isn’t accepted. If you don’t meet the vaccination requirements, your specialist will discuss your options to rearrange your trip.

What happens to my booking if I fail a test prior to travel?

We strongly advise taking out adequate travel insurance to protect you against the unfortunate event of testing positive for Covid-19 in the days leading up to your trip, which would prevent you from travelling.

A number of travel insurance companies now provide cover for this eventuality, as well as cover should you contract Covid-19 while abroad. Our travel insurance advice tells you which companies we recommend during the coronavirus pandemic. These are only suggestions, though, and you should speak to insurance providers directly about your personal requirements.

Is there anything I need to consider when travelling with children?

In addition to the usual considerations, you’ll have to know the precise requirements for your children in your specific destination. For example, in many places, everyone aged five years or older must have proof of vaccination to enter restaurants and other indoor public spaces. Your specialist will help you understand the restrictions in place in the destination you wish to visit.

What should I pack for a trip right now?

In addition to your usual travel items, we recommend packing:

  • Hand sanitiser gel and wipes: many places you visit will have some available, but it’s a good idea to carry your own. Be aware that airlines have strict limits on what size of container you can take on a plane. And, any liquid over the limit must be packed in your checked luggage.
  • High-quality masks: you’ll be expected to wear masks in most crowded or indoor settings. The names of mask standards vary internationally, but the best options are called N95, KN95, KF94, or FFP2.
  • A government vaccination letter (or suitable electronic proof such as a vaccination pass on the NHS app), proof of a recent negative test, or proof of recovery (for every member of your party): your specialist will help explain the exact vaccination and testing requirements for your destination.
  • Reusable water bottle and snacks: some smaller airports still have reduced services.
  • A thermometer
  • Blanket and travel pillow: some airlines are no longer providing these items for overnight flights, so you may wish to bring your own.

What will be different when I travel?

What can I expect at airports?

The safety measures in place at airports will vary between countries. In the UK, you’ll need to wear a face mask and will likely have your temperature checked on arrival. Sanitisation stations will be dotted throughout the airport, and many airlines will ask you to check in for your flight online or via their app. If you’re checking in at the airport, allow more time than usual.

What kind of health and safety precautions can I expect while in country?

We work with our partners in each country, including hotels, guides and drivers, to ensure you’re met with the highest safety standards. We’ve asked our local partners to confirm they comply with all their government’s requirements for dealing with the coronavirus, and where there’s no or limited national guidance, we expect and are helping our partners to undertake their own risk assessments and set best practice.

The health and safety precautions you may be required to take while travelling will vary depending on your destination. Most, if not all, will observe social distancing and require you to wear a face mask in certain settings. Our specialists can advise you on the specific requirements for the destination you’re considering. You can also find up-to-date information on the FCDO’s website.

What if I become ill on my trip?

As always, your health and safety are our primary concerns while you’re travelling. Should you fall ill while you’re away, our partners in country, as well as your dedicated specialist, will be on hand to assist with the appropriate support, whether that’s directing you to medical care or helping you return home.

Before travelling, please ensure your travel insurance will cover you for any incurred medical costs should you contract coronavirus while you’re away. Many insurance providers have updated their policies to cover this eventuality, but each policy will be different.

What if borders close while I’m abroad?

We maintain a close relationship with our local partners in each of our destinations and have ensured they have contingency plans in place to deal with any unforeseen changes. They’re there to help you explore, but also to offer any assistance you need during your trip.

If you’re encountering significant restrictions while you’re away, our partners and your specialist will make any required adjustments to your trip so it can continue as smoothly as possible. We have a dedicated team monitoring the situation in all our destinations to ensure we’re prepared for events that could affect your trip.

We can also assist in your return home should your trip need to be cut short. When the world first tumbled into lockdown, we helped more than 1,600 clients return home from around 50 countries as flights stopped and borders closed, staying in daily contact until we knew people were back home.

I’m concerned about Audley’s liquidity. Should I be?

Audley’s particularly well placed to navigate these uncertain times, with almost 25 years’ experience in providing trusted advice and destination expertise. We have an excellent financial track record, strong cash reserves and a healthy balance sheet, as evidenced in our most recent statutory accounts, which are available to view at Companies House.

All our trips are either ATOL-protected by the Civil Aviation Authority, or, if your arrangements don’t include flights, they’re protected by the separate ABTOT financial scheme.