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We are looking to travel at the end of 2014 beginning of 2015, taking in New Zealand's North Island, Fiji and Hawaii. The duration we were considering was 3 weeks 'ish'. Could you suggest an itinerary that would be best for the time of year and a cost? We are looking for a mix of relaxation and activity to celebrate my partners 50th Birthday.

Haast Pass


Many thanks for your enquiry regarding your planned trip to New Zealand and the Pacific islands.

Whilst December, January and February is a great time to be in New Zealand, unfortunately it's not such a good time to visit Fiji — they have a rainy season there and at that time they are prone to a fair amount of rain and sometimes even cyclones. Generally we don't recommend visiting Fiji at that time of year, especially if it's a special trip and you're looking for guaranteed sunshine. Hawaii is a bit further north-east so whilst it's not the best time to be there they don't get quite as extreme weather at that time of year and it can still be quite pleasant.

It sounds like you may only have around 10 days in New Zealand so I would recommend sticking to one island — probably the South as this is more scenic — but there is still a real diversity of landscape and activities to enjoy.

In terms of the logistics — you can fly from New Zealand to Fiji and New Zealand to Hawaii pretty much every day, but once there you can only fly between Fiji and Hawaii once a week, so if you are keen to visit both places, then an itinerary would need to be worked around this.

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