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Audley client, Kay Rawlins traveled to Borneo with Audley in September 2010

Tribesman with blowpipe, Batang Ai, Sarawak
Tribesman with blowpipe, Batang Ai, Sarawak

Our recent vacation to Borneo with Audley turned out to be the trip of a lifetime for all sorts of reasons.

Iban tribe at their longhouse, Lemanak River, SarawakBoth Wayne and Jonathan, our guides on different parts of the trip, were wonderful — helpful, informative and fun — and although the orangutan were by far the stars in animal terms, we all agreed that the highlight of our trip was staying with the Iban tribe in their traditional longhouse.

It was a fantastic experience, we were made so welcome and stayed up late learning riddles and card games from our hosts and then taught them some of ours. One of the girls from the tribe tweaked my nose as forfeit in one of their games.

We learned so much about their way of life and had such an amazing time that we have lots of wonderful memories to take away and cherish from our trip.

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