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The city of Essaouira

When is the best time to visit Morocco?

The city of Essaouira

The best time to visit Morocco is during spring (mid-March to May) or fall (September to October). The weather is warm but pleasant, unlike the cold temperatures and snow of winter, or the scorching heat of summer.

The coastal regions can be visited year-round. In the winter they are pleasantly mild, while in the summer they bask in temperatures hovering around the high 20°Cs.

The High Atlas Mountains can also be visited all year round, although it does get cold in winter. The summer may still be a bit hot to embark on any long-distance hikes, but if the heat doesn’t bother you then conditions are fine any time between April and October. Outside these months, there is snow on the peaks, which makes hiking more dangerous, but creates some spectacular panoramas.

The Islamic festival of Ramadan will affect transport in Morocco. The dates vary each year, so it’s worth checking what they are while planning your trip.

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Month-by-month guide for traveling in Morocco

A joke in the square, Marrakech, Morocco

Visiting Morocco in January - February

A great time to visit if you prefer to travel away from crowds, allowing you to see Moroccans going about their daily life more authentically than during the hotter months. It is generally sunny and mild, but there is the chance of rain (good for wildflowers), and snow in the mountains. The desert is perfect for visiting now, but gets very cold at night.

Riad garden, Marrakesh, Morocco

Visiting Morocco in March

The weather in March is much like the start of spring in any country. With flowers coming out and the sun shining, the weather is generally between 50°F and 68°F depending on the region, although it can become cooler. Snow and rain become rare at this time of year, but it would be best to pack clothing for all scenarios, as it can be unpredictable.

The High Atlas Mountains

Visiting Morocco in April - May

This is a popular time to visit due to the favorable spring weather of between 15°C and 35°C from the High Atlas Mountains to the desert. Given the diversity of the landscape, weather can differ significantly from place to place and this is particularly true in spring when showers are common. Labour Day is held on May 1st. This can lead to the closing of some shops, banks and local schools, which can mean the main sites are busier with locals.

Events & Festivals

  • Gnaoua and Sacred World Music festivals (May): Held in Essaouira and Fez respectively. The former unites historical Gnaoua musicians with modern day music, while the latter promotes spirituality and tolerance through music.
  • Ramadan (April to May): While it can disrupt your daily routine, if you are fascinated by different cultures and religions, the religious month of Ramadan is an exciting time to visit. The breaking of the fast at sundown is an electric experience.
Essaouira, Morocco

Visiting Morocco in June

June is one of the hotter months in Morocco, however, different regions like Essaouira and Tangier still stay relatively cool because they’re situated on the coast. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, Morocco is great to visit in June because tourism is relatively low compared to some of the other months. This is the last month to visit the desert region before there's an influx of insects and snakes in July and August, as well as often unbearable heat.

Woman outside the Hassan II mosque. Casablanca, Morocco

Visiting Morocco in July - August

July and August are the hottest months in Morocco so are not the ideal months to visit; however, they should not be ruled out. If you’re looking to escape the unpredictable Canadian summer then this is a great time to visit. Coinciding with the school vacations makes this a popular time for families; as such, many hotels and riads do get booked up in advance, particularly those with swimming pools.

Daytime temperatures can reach the mid-40°Cs, so exploring and sightseeing is best done in the morning or evening, making this is a good time to combine activities and relaxation. This is also a great time to visit the Atlantic coast, which at other times of year can feel on the chilly side. 

Whether you are seeking water sports or delicious seafood, Essaouira is a summer highlight. The Atlas Mountains are cooler than the cities, although still very hot. While summer is not ideal if you're wanting to do serious trekking, it is great for short morning walks and lying by a pool with panoramic mountain views.


Visiting Morocco in September

Cooling down after the hot summer months, September is an ideal time to visit Morocco as you can enjoy the pleasant warm weather and clear blue skies the country offers as it heads into autumn. The beaches are not as busy from local holidaymakers, the cities welcome gentle breezes and exploring the desert becomes pleasant again.

Events & Festivals

  • Eid al–Adha (September): The 'Feast of Sacrifice' is celebrated by Muslims over three days. Animals are sacrificed in honor of Abraham throughout the country and shops shut down as families gather together, making it a different but interesting time to visit.
Trekking in the High Atlas

Visiting Morocco in October

October is one of the best months to visit Morocco, as temperatures are cooler and more comfortable for sightseeing. This is a great month for hiking in the mountains and visiting the Atlantic coast, with temperatures dropping in November and Essaouira becoming very windy. As such, October is a month that books up quickly, and trips for this time of year should be organized far in advance. 

Men working in the various stages of the tanneries of Fez

Visiting Morocco in November - December

The latter months of the year are a great window to explore the imperial cities of Morocco. The sunny but cooler days provide a comfortable climate to discover the colorful sights and sounds of Marrakesh and Fez. Other regional centers, such as the coastal town of Essaouira and the High Atlas Mountains, are not to be missed either, but coastal winds and potential snow in the mountains will naturally bring colder weather; particularly in the evenings. One thing to bear in mind when considering traveling during the winter months is that not all riads — particularly not those in the north of the country — have adequate heating, so it's advisable to bring warm layers of clothing.

Events & Festivals

  • The International Film Festival: Held annually to promote and celebrate all forms of cinema, the festival was established in 2001 by King Mohammed VI, and takes place in Marrakesh.

Morocco Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Casablanca 18°C 64mm 19°C 53mm 20°C 48mm 21°C 36mm 23°C 17mm 25°C 4mm 27°C 1mm 28°C 2mm 27°C 6mm 25°C 33mm 21°C 65mm 19°C 81mm
Chefchaouen 14°C 162mm 14°C 155mm 17°C 165mm 19°C 71mm 22°C 41mm 27°C 10mm 32°C 1mm 32°C 3mm 28°C 16mm 22°C 58mm 19°C 112mm 15°C 146mm
Essaouira 17°C 44mm 18°C 40mm 19°C 35mm 19°C 28mm 20°C 9mm 21°C 2mm 22°C 0mm 22°C 1mm 23°C 5mm 22°C 26mm 21°C 42mm 19°C 53mm
Fez 16°C 61mm 18°C 72mm 20°C 75mm 23°C 65mm 26°C 37mm 32°C 15mm 36°C 1mm 36°C 2mm 32°C 12mm 26°C 47mm 21°C 70mm 16°C 80mm
Marrakesh 18°C 28mm 20°C 34mm 23°C 32mm 26°C 31mm 29°C 19mm 33°C 4mm 38°C 1mm 38°C 2mm 33°C 7mm 28°C 22mm 22°C 34mm 19°C 29mm
Rabat 17°C 77mm 19°C 67mm 20°C 61mm 22°C 55mm 24°C 21mm 26°C 5mm 28°C 0mm 28°C 1mm 27°C 7mm 25°C 43mm 21°C 80mm 19°C 106mm
Tangier 16°C 108mm 17°C 104mm 18°C 107mm 20°C 54mm 23°C 34mm 26°C 11mm 29°C 0mm 29°C 3mm 28°C 17mm 24°C 65mm 20°C 120mm 17°C 146mm
The Atlas Mountains 10°C 68mm 12°C 65mm 14°C 80mm 17°C 75mm 21°C 42mm 25°C 18mm 30°C 5mm 30°C 6mm 25°C 24mm 19°C 50mm 14°C 75mm 10°C 77mm
The Erg Chebbi 18°C 2mm 20°C 2mm 24°C 4mm 29°C 3mm 33°C 4mm 38°C 3mm 43°C 4mm 42°C 5mm 34°C 9mm 29°C 11mm 22°C 10mm 18°C 5mm

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