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Audley Travel launches exclusive concierge service

Published: 08/05/2024   /   Updated: 09/05/2024

Tailor-made tour operator Audley Travel has launched Audley Private Concierge — a new, dedicated service for HNWI who demand the very best and are passionate travellers seeking authentic and meaningful travel experiences.

Built on a strong relationship

At the core of this exclusive service is the relationship between the client and their dedicated Private Travel Manager. This doesn’t simply last for a single trip, it develops as they create more trips together. The Private Travel Manager will invest time in each client relationship, arranging a personal meeting over lunch or a coffee, or video call if the client prefers, to understand why they want to travel, their passions, preferences and world view. Armed with this insight, they will be able to anticipate their needs and proactively inspire their future travels with fully personalised experiences that go far beyond the ordinary. They will also share their new discoveries, which they will be confident the client will love.

Destination expertise

The Private Travel Manager is a consistent contact for the client, regardless of when and where they travel. They are assisted by a hand-picked team of Audley’s most experienced destination specialists to help recommend the most appropriate accommodation and experiences for the client. As the destinations specialists sell their country of expertise day-in day-out, and have travelled extensively or lived there, they know it incredibly well. Their knowledge means they can recommend the best spots that the client won’t find in a guidebook, but matches their interests and passions perfectly. This might be a helicopter ride to a remote mountain retreat for a delicious lunch, a private yacht charter for days spent circling the coasts of secluded islands or behind-the-scenes access or VIP tickets to events around the world.

James Pook, Head of Audley Private Concierge, says: “Audley Private Concierge is the ideal, exclusive service for clients who have an idea of the type of trips they want to take and need someone to make them, and more, happen. The typical Audley Private Concierge client will have a long wish list of travel aspirations and destinations that they want to experience and we can help them achieve this, as well as add more suggestions to their wish list that we know they will love.”

Prospective clients can register for more information here, and a member of the Audley Private Concierge team will be in touch to discuss the service.