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The best time to visit Mongolia is between June and August, when the landscapes are lush and green, and temperatures are warm, ranging from 18°C to 28°C.

Mongolia’s landlocked location gives rise to an extreme continental climate, with temperatures varying wildly. Only the southern Gobi is truly hot during the summer months, though this is also when you’re more likely to encounter the little rain that does fall each year.

Temperatures are normally anywhere between -2°C and -18°C in winter, although they can drop as low as -30°C across the country at this time. Given this, it’s no surprise that Ulaanbaatar is the world’s coldest capital. Travel to the areas around the city is only feasible between May and October due to the severity of the winter months.

It’s possible to travel to Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian Railway at any time of year, although certain months can be much more rewarding than others.

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Month-by-month guide for travelling in Mongolia

Gandan Monastery, Ulaanbaatar

Visiting Mongolia in January - March

Mongolia’s wintertime is fierce — Ulaanbaatar becomes the world’s coldest capital — so we advise against all travel during this period.

Toilogot Ger Camp, Khuvsgul Lake

Visiting Mongolia in April - May

Mongolia starts emerging from its arduous winter (although you may still see snow on the ground well into June). The countryside outside Ulaanbaatar is dotted with wildflowers and the landscapes are generally greener. Ger camps are open all year round, but springtime can be a particularly good time to visit when the nights aren’t quite as bitingly cold.

Archer in traditional dress at the Naadam Festival

Visiting Mongolia in June - July

Mongolia’s summer months of June and July see the country at its busiest. Visitors arrive in droves to attend the Naadam Festival, so availability can be non-existent (if you plan to visit in July, we recommend booking your trip well in advance). The days are longer and warmer, making for generally more comfortable travel conditions.

Events & Festivals

  • The Naadam Festival is a major tournament celebrating Mongolian culture and its national sports (archery, horse racing and wrestling).
Delgermoron River Valley, Mongolia

Visiting Mongolia in August - September

The weather is still warm, although Ulaanbaatar and its surrounds can experience a little more rain. The country quietens down and can become a little colder, especially toward the end of September.

Karakorum, Mongolia

Visiting Mongolia in October - December

October sees winter close in on Mongolia again. The cold temperatures last until April, making travel anywhere in the country unadvisable during the final months of the year.

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Travel advice

Practical tips for travelling to Mongolia, from social protocols to guidance on money matters, with a link to the latest FCDO travel advice.