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The Flaming Cliffs Excursion

Bayanzag, which in Mongolian means 'a place of many saxaul bushes', was first called 'The Flaming Cliffs' by Roy Chapman Andrews, the American dinosaur hunter and adventurer who made vital finds of dinosaur eggs and skeletons at the base of the vivid red bluffs, which stand alone in a vast empty expanse of land and sky.

Chapman himself was something of a rogue — said by some to be the man on whom the film character 'Indiana Jones' was based, he lived an adventurous, as well as self-aggrandising life across much of this part of the world.

At Bayanzag it is the landscape, in addition to the rich dinosaur history, which is very impressive — an intense evocation of Mongolia's great emptiness.

Conditions and inclination permitting, you can visit Bayanzag in Mongolian fashion — on the back of a camel, or alternatively by foot or car.

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