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Experts in tailor-made holidays to North Africa & the Middle East

Experts in tailor-made holidays to North Africa & the Middle East

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North Africa & the Middle East

This region of staggering historical remains lays claim to the towering Pyramids and the ancient city of Petra. Yet experiences here are far more diverse than you might expect. You can camp under a star-strewn sky in Oman’s Empty Quarter and taste locally grown wine while staying at a vineyard. Hike in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, learn how to make coffee Bedouin style and in Turkey take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia’s striking scenery.

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Where you can travel with us in North Africa & the Middle East

Our specialists can help you plan your trip, individually focusing on your tastes and interests, to the destinations below.

Trip ideas in North Africa & the Middle East

These itineraries will give you a starting point for what your trip could entail. They cover routes that we've found work particularly well and feature some of our favourite places to stay. Treat them just as inspiration, as each trip is created uniquely for you and there are many more options available.

Our expert guides to exploring North Africa & the Middle East

Capturing our specialists’ extensive travel experience in North Africa and the Middle East, these guides share inspiration, recommendations and our honest advice for how to enjoy the best of what the region can offer in the most authentic ways. From the wealth of options we describe, you can narrow down the choices and start to shape your own trip.

Luxor, Egypt

Nile cruises: the route to ancient Egypt

A Nile cruise is the classic way of exploring Egypt. Drift down the Nile in a comfortable cruise boat, making stops to visit Ancient Egyptian temples and tombs. Egypt specialist Steve outlines how you can make the most of your cruise.

Petra, Jordan

Plan your holiday to Petra

The highlight of any trip to Jordan is undoubtedly a Petra tour. Take a look at some of our favourite places to stay, how long you need to visit and how a trip to Petra can be incorporated into a Jordan itinerary.

Camel near Salalah

Travel into Oman's Empty Quarter

Adventure into the Empty Quarter in Oman. Journey across this vast desert region, surrounded by nothing but rolling sand dunes for as far as the eye can see and camp beneath a blanket of stars.

El Jem, Tunisia

The Roman Empire - Tunisia & North Africa

North Africa’s Roman legacy includes the third biggest amphitheatre in the world at El Jem as well as mosaics that rival those in Pompeii. Our North Africa specialists will plan your individual tour around the lasting highlights of this great Empire, the big sites and the lesser known ones.

Islamic Cairo

Islamic festivals in North Africa and the Middle East

With the exception of Israel, all of the countries featured in our North Africa and Arabia programme are predominantly Islamic; therefore it is important to be aware of the Islamic festivals that will be widely celebrated in these countries.

Mount Zion, Jerusalem

Travel guide to Jerusalem

Easily combinable with an itinerary to Jordan, and fascinating enough to merit a trip in its own right, the enthralling sights and monuments of Jerusalem are certain to charm you. History has never seemed so alive.