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Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Lebanon

Middle East travel guides

Whether they’re wandering the streets of Muscat in search of new places to eat or finding the best spot to watch the sunset in the seemingly endless Negev Desert, our Middle East specialists return to the region regularly to expand their knowledge. Not only do they look for new ways to experience familiar landmarks, such as the pyramids and Petra, they also look for hidden corners and overlooked treasures.

Our travel guides will give you a glimpse of their expertise, whether that’s an in-depth exploration of Amman or adventures for families in Israel. We can help you pack for the region’s wildly variable climate, suggest a good route for driving in Oman and recommend the best way to cruise on the Nile. Whether you’re looking to focus your travel on a particular country or you want to visit several at once, our guides will give you a taste of what’s possible so you can make the most of your time in the Middle East.

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Ideas for how to explore the Middle East

Our travel guides share our specialists’ passion and knowledge for the Middle East. We travel here regularly to discover new experiences, explore untried areas and dig deeper into the better-known places and attractions. At the same time, we gather advice and up-to-date information on the best-quality guides, new hotels and restaurants, and the most memorable forms of transportation.

  • MS Pyramisa Nile Cruise, Aswan

    Nile cruises: the route to ancient Egypt

    A Nile cruise is the classic way of exploring Egypt. Drift down the Nile in a comfortable cruise boat, making stops to visit Ancient Egyptian temples and tombs. Egypt specialist Steve outlines how you can make the most of your cruise.

  • Bahla Fort, Oman

    A guide to visiting Oman for the first time

    Oman’s understated pleasures make it a great introduction to the Middle East. Snorkel in the Arabian Sea, visit a traditional fish souq or livestock market, and stand alone at the edge of the Omani Grand Canyon.

  • Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

    Highlights of Israel

    Israel is beguilingly complicated. From the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City to the sere, sweeping vistas of the Negev, explore the historical and religious significance of this country with Olivia from our Israel team.

  • Dahshur Pyramid, Egypt

    What to do in Egypt: our highlights guide

    Home to some of the world's most historical monuments and best dive sites, Egypt's size makes it possible for the first-time visitor to see many of its highlights in a relatively short trip.

  • Camel near Salalah

    Travel into Oman's Empty Quarter

    Adventure into the Empty Quarter in Oman. Journey across this vast desert region, surrounded by nothing but rolling sand dunes for as far as the eye can see and camp beneath a blanket of stars.

  • The Monastery, Petra

    Explore the mysteries of Petra

    A hidden city that’s carved into sandstone cliffs, Petra was one of the wonders of the ancient world. Jordan specialist Nick offers a guide to the history and important sites in this vast city.

  • Wahiba Sands, Oman

    Family holidays in Oman

    Peaceable Oman provides a family-friendly introduction to the Middle East. From camping out in the desert to discovering hatchling turtles, children can feel like explorers while parents are reassured by the country’s stable history.

  • Kempinski Nile Hotel, Cairo

    Luxury holidays in Egypt

    If you're planning a luxury, tailor-made holiday to Egypt we can recommend accommodation to enhance your stay, whether you wish to take a cruise down the Nile or visit the highlights of Cairo.

  • Tracks in the sand at Wadi Rum

    Family holidays in Jordan

    If you're planning a tailor-made family holiday in Jordan, why not release your inner Indiana Jones on a trip to Petra, where 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' was filmed?

  • Giza pyramids and Sphinx, Cairo

    Family holidays in Egypt

    If you're planning a family holiday to Egypt, we can recommend family-friendly activities as well as suitable places to stay. This captivating country has a very low malaria risk.

  • Kerak Castle

    The King's Highway in Jordan

    Travelling the King's Highway in Jordan means seeing 5,000 years of history. Visit sites of the Holy Land, the churches at Madaba and Mount Nebo, the castles of Kerak and Shawbak, as well as the ancient city of Petra.

  • Al Husn, Muscat, Oman

    Honeymoons in Oman

    As a honeymoon destination, Oman ticks all of the boxes. Combine a relaxing stay on the beach with desert adventures in this exotic, Middle Eastern country. Our specialists can advise you on how to make your honeymoon extra special.

  • Abu Simbel, Abu Simbel

    Past civilisations of Ancient Egypt

    Discover the culture and history of Ancient Egypt on a tailor-made trip. Our knowledgeable specialists can create a unique itinerary for you that suits your interests, including a few places that you might not have known about.

  • Red sea, Egypt

    Diving holidays in Egypt

    The Red Sea is an ideal destination if you're a diving enthusiast. With clear and calm waters, and a variety of marine life to view, it's one of the world's best diving sites.

  • A Bedouin man at Wadi Rum

    Jordan and Egypt: Petra to Giza and Luxor

    In the sunbaked desert of Egypt and a hidden wadi in Jordan, ancient empires built enormous stone edifices that still stand thousands of years later. Middle East specialist Albert discusses the best way to see both countries on one trip.

  • The Roman theatre, Amman

    Amman for more than one night

    Jordan’s capital city is much more than just a rest stop on your way to the country’s many ancient sites. It invites you to explore the Roman amphitheatre, take a cooking class in a family kitchen and see the oldest known human statues.

  • Nubian ibex, Negev Desert

    Family trips to Israel: Five great ideas

    Israel offers a veritable playground for families. You could repel down the side of a desert crater, dig up ancient pottery shards on an archaeological site, or explore the spray-painted backstreets of Tel Aviv.

  • Sunrise at the Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada

    Honeymoons in Egypt

    Combine relaxation and culture on a honeymoon in Egypt. Our specialists can help you plan your perfect holiday, recommending the best places to stay to make your honeymoon extra special.

  • Taroudant, Morocco

    How to pack for the Middle East

    First-time visitors can find it tricky to pack for the Middle East. Specialist and one-time resident Talia offers packing advice for handling the dramatic swings in temperature, the wide variety of terrains and the conservative culture.

  • Mount Zion, Jerusalem

    Travel guide to Jerusalem

    Easily combinable with an itinerary to Jordan, and fascinating enough to merit a trip in its own right, the enthralling sights and monuments of Jerusalem are certain to charm you. History has never seemed so alive.