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Myeong-dong, Seoul

South Korea tours

Myeong-dong, Seoul

These itineraries are designed to give you some suggestions for what is possible when you travel in South Korea, and they showcase some of the routes that we’ve found work particularly well.

South Korea tours

South Korea tours

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South Korea tours

South Korea tours

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  • Jeju Island sunset

    A family adventure in South Korea

    South Korea
    • Visit Lotte World Adventure — the world's largest indoor theme park.

    • Explore the natural wonders of the volcanic island of Jeju with a driver-guide.

    • Relax at a coastal resort-style hotel with swimming pool.

    • Discover Korean pop-culture and incredible food markets in Seoul.

    11 days from £5,080pp

  • Gyeongju in the cherry blossom

    Classic South Korea tour

    South Korea
    • Head out into the backstreets of Seoul on a food tour to sample some classic Korean dishes.

    • Visit the DMZ on the North Korean border on a guided tour.

    • Explore the historic capital of Gyeongju and its surrounding temples and Buddhist sites.

    • Visit the volcanic island of Jeju to hike the highest peak in the country.

    13 days from £5,120pp


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