Due to the current political situation between Russia and Ukraine, it is not possible to travel in certain areas of Ukraine at the moment. Also, as flights are not operating between Russia and Ukraine at the moment, we are not currently able to combine these two countries in a trip.

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Chernobyl Museum

Chernobyl Museum

Chernobyl Museum, Ukraine

The world's worst nuclear accident, Chernobyl is a scar that still remains on the landscape of Ukraine to this day. Everyone alive at the time remembers when they found out about the Chernobyl accident, and in many ways the behaviour of the Soviet government after the accident hastened the demise of Soviet power.

This museum is a fascinating overview of the accident and its aftermath. First to the scene of the accident were the firefighters, so it is particularly poignant that the museum is housed in an old fire station.

The section detailing the truly heroic deeds of those who were involved in the clean-up just after the accident - all of who subsequently died - is especially inspiring.

Your guide will show you around the museum, translating and explaining the displays where necessary. Please note that this museum is in Kiev, not in Chernobyl itself. It is therefore completely safe to visit.

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