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The ideal time to visit Burma is during the dry season, between October and May. At this time of year the whole country is accessible, the temples shimmer and the beaches are open; making travel varied and rewarding. Outside of this period (June - September) the beaches down on Nagapali close and the much needed rains water the plains between Mandalay and Bagan. However, with the exception of September, you shouldn’t be deterred from visiting during this time as Burma has lots to offer all year round. River travel on the Chindwin is at its peak during this time and the great waterway provides access to some of the country’s most beautiful and remote areas, where a mix of colorful hill tribes and stunning scenery convey an image of Burma that few visitors see.

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November is an extremely popular time to travel to Burma. The 'big four' have excellent weather at this time of year, the beach at Nagapali is open, and the Taunggyi Balloon Festival takes place. Be sure to book far in advance as accommodation fills up fast; especially around Inle Lake.

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Burma (Myanmar) Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bagan 84°F 0" 90°F 0" 97°F 0" 100°F 1" 97°F 4" 91°F 4" 90°F 2" 90°F 4" 90°F 5" 90°F 4" 86°F 1" 82°F 0"
Inle Lake 75°F 0" 79°F 0" 86°F 1" 90°F 2" 86°F 8" 81°F 8" 81°F 9" 79°F 11" 81°F 9" 81°F 7" 77°F 3" 75°F 1"
Kalaw 72°F 0" 73°F 0" 81°F 0" 84°F 2" 81°F 8" 77°F 9" 75°F 10" 75°F 11" 75°F 10" 75°F 8" 72°F 3" 70°F 1"
Kyaingtong 79°F 0" 84°F 1" 90°F 1" 91°F 2" 90°F 5" 86°F 7" 84°F 9" 84°F 9" 86°F 6" 82°F 4" 81°F 2" 77°F 1"
Mandalay 82°F 0" 88°F 0" 97°F 0" 100°F 1" 99°F 5" 93°F 5" 93°F 3" 91°F 5" 91°F 6" 90°F 5" 84°F 2" 81°F 0"
Mrauk U 81°F 0" 84°F 1" 90°F 0" 95°F 2" 91°F 14" 88°F 35" 86°F 49" 86°F 37" 88°F 15" 88°F 7" 86°F 3" 81°F 0"
Ngapali Beach 86°F 0" 90°F 0" 91°F 0" 93°F 1" 93°F 13" 86°F 37" 84°F 46" 84°F 46" 88°F 21" 90°F 8" 90°F 2" 88°F 0"
Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) 72°F 0" 75°F 0" 81°F 0" 84°F 2" 82°F 9" 79°F 9" 77°F 7" 77°F 10" 79°F 10" 77°F 8" 73°F 4" 72°F 1"
Yangon 90°F 0" 93°F 0" 97°F 1" 99°F 1" 93°F 12" 86°F 20" 86°F 18" 84°F 19" 86°F 12" 88°F 7" 90°F 2" 88°F 0"

Month-by-month guide to traveling in Burma (Myanmar)

Unlike many popular beaches in Southeast Asia, Ngapali still retains the local way of life

Visiting Burma (Myanmar) in January

This is peak season for traveling to Burma. The weather is hot and dry, making for lovely conditions throughout the country. River levels are still high enough for boat travel and the beaches of Nagapali enjoy hours of sunshine, while the chill in the foothills begins to lessen.

Events & Festivals

  • Ananda Pagoda Festival (January): A festival for Bagan's Ananda temple, lasting over a week, with the busiest day being that of the full moon.
  • Full Moon Day of Tabodwe/Htamane Festival (January or February): In celebration of harvest time, people make 'htamane' - sticky rice with ginger, coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds, offering some to monks before sharing the rest with their neighbors.
  • Kachin State Day and Manao Festival - Myitkyina (10th January): The six Kachin tribes gather for this festival, which is based around Manao Park and features feasts, dancing and drinking rice beer.
  • Naga New Year - Lahe village (January): Traditional costumes, drumming and dancing bring in the Naga New Year in style.

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