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Audley Travel specialist Layla

Written by Layla
Japan Specialist

Immersing yourself in a food market is a great way to meet the local people, try unusual food and get to know the culture of a place. From delicious chicken skewers and freshly grilled eel in Kyoto, to cow brains in Antigua, we can arrange a guide who'll take you to little-known restaurants and cafés, where you can sample excellent cuisine.

We've selected five of our favourite food tours around the world, where local guides and food specialists will make sure you get the most out of your culinary experience.

Comalapa Market, Guatemala
Comalapa Market, Guatemala

Shopping and sushi making

Kyoto, Japan

Begin your day by taking in the mile-long Nishiki Market. Easily Kyoto’s most fascinating food market, the variety of produce on show here is simply staggering. With the scent of roasted tea and chestnuts and the smell of freshly grilled unagi (eel) and yakitori (chicken skewers) pervading the market, the walk should prove to be a truly pleasant attack on the senses.

You’ll then head to the Horino Sake Museum to learn all about sake production before making your way to a traditional machiya (teahouse) for your Japanese cooking class.

Sushi, Kyoto
Delicious sushi, Kyoto, Japan

Meet the people behind the produce

Wellington, New Zealand

You'll discover New Zealand's café capital, as you're introduced to local tastes, products and people. Spend time behind the scenes at some excellent Wellington food venues with a personal guide and taste hidden culinary treasures as well as meeting some of the people behind some of the city's best food.

As an added bonus, you'll receive a 25 per cent discount voucher for one of Wellington's best fine dining restaurants or cafés, to enjoy in your own time.

Alfresco dining, Wellington
Alfresco dining in Wellington, New Zealand

Combine food and photography

Calcutta, India

Calcutta is a melting pot of cultures, people and history. One of the best ways to really appreciate this is to eat your way through the range of food on offer and take lots of snaps along the way. Your guide, a professional photographer and Calcutta local, will take you through the streets in the early morning as the city wakes up.

Vegetable market, Calcutta, India
Vegetable market, Calcutta, India

Try interesting local delicacies

Antigua, Guatemala

This is the perfect tour for any foodies with a flair for local flavour and an adventurous attitude toward cuisine. You'll be met at your hotel by local culinary specialist Juan Carlos, who'll walk you to various hotspots around the town centre to try everything from gooey cheese-filled tortillas to juicy pork, or even cow brains.

Comalapa Flower Market, Antigua, Guatemala
Comalapa Flower Market, Antigua, Guatemala

Savour street food with a blogger

Hanoi, Vietnam

Set off on a street food tour of Hanoi's best culinary spots with a food blogger. With hands-on experience in managing some of Hanoi's finest dining establishments along with a strong interest in Hanoi's street food, the street food blogger will give you an insight into Hanoi's food scene and an explanation of Vietnamese practices.

Stroll through the Old Quarter and head to Thanh Ha market, where you can try local delicacies and strange food items that you may never have seen before. The tour ends with a visit to one of the Old Quarter's busiest coffee shops to try the excellent local coffee.

Street tour with Hanoi food blogger
Hanoi street food tour with a food blogger

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