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Meerkats, Makgadikgadi Pans

Botswana travel advice

Practical Information

Botswana has an array of superb little camps and lodges. Some are in private concession areas and others in national parks. All are remote, so access is usually by light aircraft. We have an extensive network of flights and we will fly you from one camp to another — a safari from the air itself.

More about camps and lodges

Audley’s specialists have travelled throughout Botswana and found tiny camps on palm islands, luxury lodges in rich game areas and adventurous mobile camps.

Some camps are surrounded by water, with safaris by boat and mokoro (dug-out canoe), others on dry land where you will walk or explore by 4x4.

None of Botswana’s camps are fenced so don’t be surprised to find elephant eating the tree above your tent or tree squirrels by the fruit bowl at tea.

All the camps have professional guides.


The official languages are Setswana and English but there are about 26 other languages spoken in Botswana. English is widely spoken in lodges and towns, but a little Setswana will be much appreciated.


The currency of Botswana is the Botswana Pula. The Pula is a fairly strong currency with exchange rates in May 2007 at approximately £1=12 Pula. Major credit cards are accepted widely, and traveller's cheques and foreign currency are accepted at most large hotels and lodges. That said, all hotels & lodges accept and prefer payment in US dollars and we would recommend bringing sufficient US dollars cash for local purchases and tips. Please note that it is best to carry smaller denominations as some of the lodges will not have change for US$100 notes.


Tipping is not compulsory but always enthusiastically received if you are happy with the service and would like to tip. We recommend that you tip your safari guide directly at the end of your stay at each camp. As a rough guideline you might tip U$10 per guest per day. You may also like to tip your driver and/or mokoro poler at the end of your stay. Here a tip of around US$5 per guest per day would be recommended. It is also a nice gesture to give general camp/lodge staff a tip. Here we recommend about U$3-5 per guest per day. This should be placed in the communal tipping box if there is one or given to the camp manager to distribute. When tipping porters we recommend about U$1. Where restaurant meals are involved, the tipping standard is usually 10% of the bill.

Social issues

Conservative casual wear is generally acceptable everywhere, but revealing clothes should be avoided. Do not take pictures of people without asking permission. Photography is not allowed in airports. Places of historic and scenic interest may be photographed, but permission should be sought before photographing military installations, government buildings or other possibly sensitive subjects.

Travel Advice

Our country specialists can advise on any safety concerns you may have. For current information, please refer to the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website.

When to go to Botswana

You'll find temperature and rainfall information, together with a month-by-month guide on visiting, on our guide for when to go to Botswana.

More Information