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Jeti-Ögüz Excursion

From Karakol a short 30-minute drive west along the lake brings you to the head of the Jeti-Ögüz valley, where you head north toward Jeti-Ögüz village. A few minutes up the road you reach Broken Heart Rock, the reverse side of the famous Seven Bulls, a tremendous red limestone formation towering above the village.

The Jeti-Ögüz valley winds gently upward with steep wooded hillsides regularly giving way to open, yurt-dotted pasture used by local shepherds during summer for grazing their flocks of sheep and goats and herds of horses. If approached with your guide most will be happy to stand and chat and show you the inside of an authentic yurt.

A rough track continues for some distance up the valley, criss-crossing the river on rickety wooden bridges. This is roughly navigable by four-wheel drive, and makes a decent path for a pleasant walk if you choose to leave the car and stretch your legs. At the end of the valley stands the massive Oguz Bashi (Head of a Bull) Mountain, distinguishable by the two small 'horns' at its top, which give rise to its name.

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Other experiences in Karakol

These activities are designed to give you the most authentic experiences around where you're staying. We work with local guides, who use their knowledge and often a resident's eye to show you the main sights and more out-of-the-way attractions. Our specialists can suggest tours and activities that will introduce you to the local ways of life.

  • Altyn Arashan Excursion
    Altyn-Arashan, Kyrgyzstan

    Altyn Arashan Excursion

    Altyn Arashan Excursion

    Close to Karakol is the stunning alpine Arashan gorge. This area offers some of the finest hiking in Kyrgyzstan, ranging from the pleasant four- to five-hour hike up the wooded valley from Ak Suu to the Altyn Arashan plateau, to six-day mountaineering expeditions to the summit of glacial Mt Palatka.

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