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Trinidad de Parana jesuit ruins, Encarnacion

When is the best time to visit Paraguay?

Trinidad de Parana jesuit ruins, Encarnacion

The best time to visit Paraguay is between March and November, when the country sees consistently warm weather with temperatures of 23°C to 29°C daily.

However, travel to Paraguay is possible year-round. There are only two main seasons: hot, and extremely hot. December to February experiences peak heat, with temperatures rising to between 32°C and 36°C.

There’s no rainy season to speak of, apart from sporadic cooling showers between March and November. Since the country’s travel industry is embryonic, there are few particularly busy periods, though Easter sees the cities become busier. Paraguayans travel internationally during longer public holidays, so the country is generally calmer on these dates.

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Month-by-month guide for travelling in Paraguay

Concepcion Church

Visiting Paraguay in January - February

The hottest months in Paraguay, the mercury soars across the country during its summer period. Temperatures average between 32°C and 34°C (90°F to 93°F) daily. Unless you’re accustomed to such heat, we recommend visiting later in the year.

Mariscal Francisco Solano Lopez, Humaitá

Visiting Paraguay in March - November

For the majority of the year, Paraguay enjoys pleasant, balmy weather. While daytime temperatures can still be quite hot, the nights offer some respite, and cooler temperatures make evening an ideal time for walking around city plazas. Rain, if it does occur, comes in short and sharp bursts, and rarely lasts for more than a day.

Events & Festivals

  • Asunción Day (15th August) commemorates the founding of the country’s capital in 1537 with parades, outdoor concerts, dancing and food stands.
  • 1st March (Heroes’ Day) sees Paraguayans pay homage to their military, particularly former president Marshal Francisco Solano López, through parades and street parties.
  • Independence Day is celebrated on 15th May to remember Paraguay’s release from Spanish rule in 1811.
  • The solstice festival of San Juan is held yearly, countrywide, on 24th June and celebrated with bonfires and pyrotechnical feats. We recommend observing from a safe distance.
Christmas Shopping, Asuncion, Paraguay

Visiting Paraguay in December

December sees very hot days return to Paraguay in time for the end-of-year festivities. While the country is heavily Catholic, large crowds aren’t common for Christmas and New Year celebrations, which can lead to a more relaxing experience.

Events & Festivals

  • Paraguay celebrates Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but on a much smaller scale than bordering South American countries.

Paraguay Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
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The Chaco 36°C 103mm 35°C 90mm 33°C 72mm 30°C 80mm 28°C 39mm 25°C 28mm 26°C 19mm 30°C 6mm 32°C 27mm 33°C 79mm 35°C 81mm 36°C 94mm

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Travel advice

Practical tips for travelling to Paraguay, from social protocols to guidance on money matters, with a link to the latest government travel advice.

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