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Ecuador's capital, Quito

Ecuador travel advice

Practical Information

Ecuador is a wonderfully welcoming place, and traveling around the compact mainland is an easygoing, entertaining and scenic experience.

Based on your preferences and budget we can provide full time drivers and guides, or just provide you with a vehicle and driver.

However you decide to travel we will ensure that you get the most from your trip, whether you are making something of a road trip and are moving on each day, or staying at one of the haciendas for a few relaxing days.

Extended stays

We like to take clients with sufficient time on a journey down the length of the country, dispensing with the need for internal flights and ensuring you see the most of the magnificent scenery of the country.


The official language is Spanish, although it is not the first language of the majority of the indigenous population. English is understood and spoken by many in the tourist industry.

Food and drink

Ecuadorian food is based around meat or fish, rice and plantain, and is generally cheap, tasty and plentiful. There are dozens of exotic fruits such as naranjilla, maracuya and guanabana that are made into delicious ice creams and juices.


In September 2000 Ecuador abandoned its century-old currency (the Sucre) and began using the US$. Change is always scarce, many places will not accept notes bigger than a US$20, nor will they accept any notes that are ripped or dirty. ATM's are available in the major cities and towns. Visa and Amex are widely accepted (Mastercard to a lesser degree).


Tipping for good service is an accepted fact. Amounts are discretionary.

Travel Advice

Our certified country specialists can advise on any safety concerns you may have. For current information, please refer to the Canadian Government Travel & Tourism website.

When to go to Ecuador

You'll find temperature and rainfall information, together with a month-by-month guide on visiting, on our guide for when to go to Ecuador.

More Information

  • Flight Time
    6 hours upwards dependent on airline (Toronto to Quito)

  • Time Zone
    UTC -5