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Tulum ruins

When is the best time to visit Mexico?

The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season between December and April, when there is virtually no rain. The coolest months are between December and February, although temperatures can still reach averages of 28℃ during the dry season.

The wet season begins in the south in May and lasts until October. A heavy shower during this period usually clears the increased humidity before it builds up again. The Caribbean coast can be affected by the hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

Mexico is a huge country, and the weather varies by season and by region. It’s worth checking the local forecast for your chosen destination.

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January is one of the best months of the year to visit Mexico. It's in the heart of the dry season, but not quite as busy as December or February when people travel during the school holidays. Relax in warm sunshine on white sand beaches and explore the country’s magnificent ancient ruins and colonial cities against a backdrop of blue skies.

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Mexico Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Baja California 26°C 14mm 26°C 4mm 27°C 1mm 29°C 1mm 31°C 0mm 32°C 1mm 33°C 22mm 33°C 41mm 33°C 71mm 32°C 34mm 30°C 12mm 27°C 13mm
Cerocahui 19°C 51mm 20°C 27mm 22°C 22mm 26°C 7mm 29°C 8mm 31°C 105mm 28°C 293mm 28°C 257mm 28°C 157mm 26°C 64mm 23°C 30mm 20°C 59mm
Chichén Itzá 30°C 37mm 31°C 36mm 33°C 33mm 35°C 46mm 35°C 108mm 34°C 174mm 34°C 168mm 34°C 169mm 33°C 202mm 32°C 146mm 31°C 50mm 30°C 42mm
Merida & Around 28°C 33mm 29°C 27mm 32°C 18mm 33°C 22mm 33°C 70mm 33°C 142mm 32°C 141mm 33°C 149mm 32°C 172mm 30°C 97mm 29°C 43mm 28°C 36mm
Mexico City 22°C 9mm 24°C 7mm 26°C 11mm 27°C 23mm 27°C 54mm 26°C 114mm 24°C 129mm 25°C 123mm 24°C 107mm 23°C 52mm 23°C 8mm 22°C 7mm
Oaxaca 26°C 2mm 28°C 5mm 30°C 10mm 31°C 32mm 31°C 71mm 29°C 158mm 28°C 108mm 28°C 108mm 27°C 127mm 27°C 41mm 27°C 9mm 26°C 3mm
Pacific Coast 33°C 11mm 33°C 1mm 33°C 2mm 34°C 3mm 34°C 27mm 34°C 231mm 34°C 212mm 34°C 262mm 33°C 293mm 33°C 118mm 33°C 30mm 33°C 7mm
Palenque 28°C 130mm 31°C 93mm 32°C 78mm 34°C 74mm 36°C 149mm 35°C 276mm 33°C 224mm 34°C 300mm 33°C 449mm 31°C 331mm 30°C 190mm 29°C 148mm
San Cristóbal de las Casas 21°C 24mm 21°C 22mm 23°C 27mm 23°C 46mm 23°C 114mm 22°C 208mm 22°C 165mm 22°C 184mm 21°C 215mm 21°C 126mm 21°C 53mm 20°C 29mm

Month-by-month guide to travelling in Mexico

Cactus garden, Santo Domingo Church, Oaxaca

Visiting Mexico in November

A good month for a visit to most destinations within Mexico. The rains have generally eased (although haven't completely disappeared), days are hot, and the crowds that appear later in December are yet to arrive.

Events & Festivals

  • Day of the Dead (1st November): Mexico's 'Day of the Dead' celebrations sees festivities take place in central and southern Mexico to honour friends and relatives who have died. Expect candles, elaborately decorated skull-shaped masks and music.

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