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Nosy Mangabe is a small island located in Antongil Bay two kilometers offshore from Maroantsetra.

The island has a rich history of piracy and arriving by boat it looks exactly like a pirates’ hang-out. Dense vegetation drops to large boulders and hidden coves — one of which has a rusty shipwreck emerging from the shallows.

Wildlife of Nosy Mangabe

The island is a rainforest reserve and sanctuary for the endangered aye-aye which was introduced in 1966. This is the best place in Madagascar to see these fascinating creatures and an overnight stay is recommended to give you the chance to search by torchlight. Other lemurs on the island include black and white ruffed lemur, white-fronted brown lemur and the brown mouse lemur.

As there is no accommodation on the island the only way to stay overnight is to camp. Paths through the forest can be steep so it’s a place for nimble walkers.

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