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Perito Moreno Glacier

Perito Moreno Glacier Tour

The Perito Moreno Glacier lies 80 km west of Calafate. A truly magnificent sight, it remains one of the world’s only advancing glaciers.

The glacier snakes its way into Lago Argentino where it edges its way across the lake, occasionally it dams the Brazo Rico and cause the level of the lake to rise. When this happens the melting ice at the base is unable to support the weight and the whole bridge collapses in a spectacular explosion. This only happened 15 times between 1917 and 1988, and is impossible to predict when it may happen again. However, huge lumps of ice calve daily from the glacier’s face and plunge into the lake with a resounding roar and float down the Canal de los Tempanos (Iceberg channel).

Your driver will take you along the shores of Lago Argentino up to the Brazo Rico (the narrowest point between the lake shore and the advancing glacier). From here you will have a spectacular view of the glacier and have a chance to walk around to view the Canal de los Tempanos with all the floating icebergs.

You are then transferred to the jetty for a boat ride on the lake which will give you the chance to get closer to the calving face of the glacier. The boat will take you to the shore next to the glacier and you can disembark for an optional mini trekking expedition. This is a unique opportunity to don your crampons and walk on the glacier under the supervision of experienced guides.

Following this group activity your driver will take you to the viewing balconies where you can spend time watching the ice break away from the front of this incredible glacier. Please note that you must be under 65 to do this excursion.

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