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Vineyard in Mendoza

When is the best time to visit Argentina?

Vineyard in Mendoza

There isn’t one best time to visit Argentina — the whole country can be visited year-round.

That said, Patagonia (in the south of Argentina) is most accessible between December and March. The weather in Buenos Aires is generally hot over these months, but a visit in the cooler, crisp months of July and August can be delightful.

Over spring (September to November), the Lake District comes alive with wildflowers. Meanwhile, autumn in the wine valleys surrounding Mendoza features gold and copper-coloured vines, stark against the backdrop of the Andes.

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Month-by-month guide for travelling in Argentina

Bariloche, Argentina

Visiting Argentina in January - February

The height of Argentina's summer, January and February are popular months to visit Patagonia; particularly El Calafate and Bariloche. Accommodation here gets busy quickly at this time of year. In January it can be quite wet in the northwest of the country and extremely hot in the northeastern wetlands area.

Mighty Pertio Moreno

Visiting Argentina in March

A lovely month to travel to Argentina. Summer is drawing to a close across the country but Patagonia is still accessible and trekking is easy to organise.

Events & Festivals

  • Mendoza Wine Festival (March): This festival celebrates the harvest of the area's grapes. Shows featuring dancers in traditional costume portraying the work involved in the harvest take place in and around Mendoza.
Mendoza, Argentina

Visiting Argentina in April

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to visit Patagonia and Mendoza's winelands. The crowds have thinned and the colours of the changing trees provide magnificent photo opportunities.

Caiman, Rincon del Socorro

Visiting Argentina in May

A good time to visit Argentina's wetlands, Esteros de Iberá, May and June are cooler months here and offer good wildlife spotting opportunities.

Southern right whale off Península Valdés, Argentina

Visiting Argentina in June

The middle of June usually signifies the start of Argentina's ski season; focused around the Bariloche area where the best snow settles. It is also in late June that the southern right whales arrive at the Península Valdés.

Tango in La Boca, Buenos Aires

Visiting Argentina in July - August

July and August are good months to visit Buenos Aires. Evenings are cooler and the mornings are fresh, ideal for exploring on foot. Ski season begins in earnest in July.

Events & Festivals

  • Buenos Aires Tango Festival (August): Enjoy two weeks of free events, featuring art exhibitions and performances by the world's best tango dancers at the El Querandi Tango Show.
Elephant Seal, Peninsula Valdes

Visiting Argentina in September

September and October are good months to visit the Península Valdés. It's a great time for wildlife lovers, and you can expect sightings of whales, seals, penguins and lots of seabirds.

Flora near Bariloche, Argentina

Visiting Argentina in October

Spring in the Lake District around Bariloche is a lovely time to visit and enjoy the carpets of wild flowers. There are great opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities, although rainfall here can be slightly higher than in the rest of the year. Southern Patagonia is also reawakening.

Calchaqui Valley, Salta

Visiting Argentina in November

The end of spring and start of summer. A visit to Argentina in November generally means avoiding the crowds that build up for December. It's one of the greener months to visit the often arid landscape of Salta and the northeast.


Visiting Argentina in December

The middle of Argentina's summer can be a busy time to visit, but also offers the best chance of warm, clear weather in Patagonia. The rains that have fallen at the Iguazú Falls means the volume of water roaring over the falls is high and the scenery here is dramatic.

Argentina Climate Guide

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bariloche 21°C 28mm 22°C 28mm 19°C 48mm 15°C 68mm 10°C 127mm 7°C 133mm 6°C 162mm 7°C 133mm 10°C 76mm 14°C 47mm 17°C 35mm 20°C 39mm
Buenos Aires 29°C 98mm 28°C 97mm 26°C 117mm 21°C 95mm 18°C 78mm 15°C 59mm 15°C 57mm 16°C 62mm 18°C 69mm 21°C 103mm 25°C 97mm 28°C 94mm
El Calafate 18°C 15mm 17°C 13mm 15°C 19mm 12°C 29mm 7°C 32mm 5°C 25mm 5°C 29mm 6°C 22mm 9°C 19mm 14°C 16mm 16°C 12mm 18°C 15mm
Iguazú Falls 32°C 165mm 32°C 140mm 30°C 145mm 27°C 148mm 24°C 153mm 22°C 131mm 23°C 99mm 25°C 103mm 27°C 142mm 29°C 192mm 31°C 162mm 31°C 148mm
Mendoza 32°C 34mm 32°C 29mm 30°C 26mm 23°C 12mm 19°C 8mm 15°C 7mm 15°C 7mm 18°C 5mm 21°C 11mm 25°C 20mm 29°C 21mm 31°C 27mm
Península Valdés 24°C 11mm 24°C 13mm 22°C 29mm 19°C 26mm 15°C 30mm 12°C 22mm 12°C 27mm 13°C 10mm 15°C 20mm 18°C 14mm 21°C 13mm 23°C 14mm
Perito Moreno & Los Glaciares National Park 18°C 15mm 17°C 13mm 15°C 19mm 12°C 29mm 7°C 32mm 5°C 25mm 5°C 29mm 6°C 22mm 9°C 19mm 14°C 16mm 16°C 12mm 18°C 15mm
Purmamarca 25°C 73mm 23°C 62mm 23°C 36mm 20°C 7mm 18°C 1mm 15°C 3mm 15°C 1mm 18°C 2mm 21°C 3mm 23°C 12mm 24°C 22mm 24°C 56mm
Salta & The Northwest 28°C 176mm 26°C 150mm 25°C 102mm 23°C 28mm 21°C 7mm 19°C 4mm 20°C 3mm 22°C 4mm 25°C 6mm 26°C 27mm 28°C 62mm 28°C 125mm
Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego 14°C 56mm 13°C 49mm 12°C 54mm 10°C 54mm 7°C 54mm 5°C 52mm 5°C 46mm 5°C 46mm 8°C 36mm 10°C 37mm 12°C 50mm 13°C 47mm

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