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Vernazza at sunset, Cinque Terre

Europe travel guides

Our specialists return to Europe time and again, expanding our knowledge of its landmark destinations as well as exploring quieter regions and finding different ways to experience its pleasures. Our travel guides include our specialists’ latest advice on how to experience London, Paris or St Petersburg like a local, avoid the crowds at popular sights such as the Louvre or the Sagrada Família, or uncover Rome’s best food experiences.

Whether you’re looking to focus your travels on a particular country or region, or hoping to plan a grand European tour, our travel guides will help with planning and preparation so you can get the most of your time as you hop between the Greek islands, tour Scottish whisky distilleries, or visit the Loire Valley chateaux.

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Ideas for how to explore Europe

Our travel guides share our specialists’ passion and knowledge for Europe. We travel here regularly to discover new experiences, explore untried areas and dig deeper into the better-known places and attractions. At the same time, we gather advice and up-to-date information on the best-quality guides, new hotels and restaurants, and the most memorable forms of transportation.

  • Roman Forum ruins, Rome

    Explore ancient cities of Europe and the Middle East

    From the pyramids and the Parthenon to the Colosseum and Diocletian’s Palace, the remnants of ancient empires still define modern Europe and the Middle East. Our specialists suggest the best way to explore these not-so-hidden roots from Amman to Athens.

  • Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid

    Best of Spain and Portugal

    A private tour of the Alhambra, sipping wine in the sunny Douro River Valley, and watching a flamenco performance in Seville. Spain and Portugal specialist Talia picks some of her top experiences when visiting the Iberian Peninsula.

  • Eiffel Tower, Paris

    A tale of three cities: London, Paris and Rome

    How do you make the most out of Europe’s trio of classical cities when you’re pushed for time? We asked our England, France and Italy specialists to create their dream two-day itineraries for time-limited visitors

  • Gelato, Italy

    20 Festivals in Europe worth visiting

    From small village fairs to sophisticated, city-wide fêtes, Europe boasts a calendar of festivals to satisfy almost any interest. Discover new varieties of gelato in Florence, party all night in Paris and attend a Regency-era ball in Bath.

  • Vineyard, La Rioja

    Experiences in Spain & Portugal's wine regions

    Both Spain and Portugal are speckled with wine regions, from Spain’s northern Rioja region and Catalonia’s cava to the Douro Valley, which supplies Porto with its world-renowned port wines. Our specialists share their wine-tasting experiences, which can be planned into your tailor-made trip.

  • Whisky barrels

    A whisk(e)y tour of Scotland and Ireland

    Scotland and Ireland’s distilleries produce everything from honeyed floral blends to brawny, peaty single malts. Andea — a UK and Ireland specialist and a long-time lover of whiskies — suggests the best and most interesting distillery tours for novices and connoisseurs alike.

  • Train to the Mer de Glace, Chamonix

    Where you can enjoy the outdoors in Europe

    From the breathless heights of the French Alps to mirror-like lochs in Scotland’s Cairngorms to the turquoise waters of Italy, our specialists suggest the best destinations for you to enjoy the outdoors on your trip to Europe.

  • Dover Castle

    The best World War II sites in Western Europe

    In many ways, World War II still shapes the cities and landscapes of Western Europe. Here are a handful of the war’s most compelling sites, including the beaches at Normandy, a naval headquarters in Liverpool and a secret tunnel under Naples.

  • Loch Ness

    Luxury vacations in Scotland and England

    Stay in a manor house, dine in Michelin-starred restaurants, cruise Loch Ness in a luxury motorboat and get exclusive after-hours access to Dunvegan Castle. Our UK specialist Jackie describes the indulgent touches you can add into your trip to Great Britain.

  • Jura

    How to avoid the crowds in Europe

    People come from all over the world to see Europe’s many cities, landscapes and monuments. If you want to enjoy a trip without the crowds, our specialists suggest quieter, less-visited options from Scotland to Italy.

  • Barolo, Piedmont

    6 reasons to visit Europe in autumn

    From hiking among the heather in the Highlands of Scotland to truffle hunting in Greece to French wine harvest fêtes, Europe is really at its best in autumn. Here are six reasons to visit after the summer crowds have gone.

  • Traditional fresh pasta, Bologna

    Pintxos to praline brioche: 5 of Europe's signature dishes

    From England to Italy, most European countries still retain strong regional identities, which they often express through food. Our specialists discuss the local signature dishes — regional and national — that they love around the continent.

  • Replica of Michelangelo's 'David', Florence

    Explore the Renaissance

    Walk in Da Vinci’s footsteps, marvel at Michelangelo’s genius and see Shakespeare’s plays as he intended. Our Europe specialists suggest ways to explore the Renaissance across the continent, including both must-see destinations and lesser-known sights that you might otherwise overlook.

  • Coastal view, Capri

    Outdoors in Europe: Taking to the water

    While away your day on a private boat, admiring the hidden coves around Capri, or hike among the fantastical waterfalls deep in the heart of a Croatian park. Our European specialists suggest seven great ways to enjoy the continent’s waterways.