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Audley specialist Angela


Australia specialist

My love for travel stems from the countless hours I spent as a teen reading the stories within the yellow border of National Geographic magazine, watching adventurers' documentaries, and examining social entrepreneurs' business plans. Consuming story after story, I came to the same conclusion — travelling is the best way to grow my perspective by experiencing life outside the everyday routine.

I met Australia as a first-semester freshman in college, participating in an experiential academic programme for students interested in economics and international affairs. While living in Australia, I engaged with local customs and cuisine by trying kangaroo barbecue, hiking the Blue Mountains, skydiving over Airlie Beach, watching Australian football live, and relaxing on Australia's overflowing white sand beaches. As a country specialist, I have explored Australia's more rugged landscapes in the Outback, Kangaroo Island, and Barossa Valley. I am excited to share Australia with those interested in visiting and experiencing firsthand what makes it so special.

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Audley specialist Angela

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Lady Elliot Island

What's your most vivid travel moment?

Snorkeling the southernmost coral cay of the Great Barrier Reef, at Lady Elliot Island, is an extraordinary memory. A scenic flight from Brisbane to Lady Elliot revealed stunning aerial views of Australia’s northern coastline, including Rainbow Beach in Great Sandy National Park. After a short trip from the shoreline in a glass-bottom boat, I was swimming with local guides in a dynamic oceanic ecosystem comprised of vibrant coral, rainbow-scaled fish, sea turtles, manta rays, and a baby reef shark. Lady Elliot Island’s reputation for being one of the best places to snorkel rang true that day.

West Iceland

Where would you love to travel next?

Iceland is at the top of my travel list. Comprising of volcanoes, ice caves, geothermal baths, waterfalls, and black sand beaches — Iceland’s landscape is seemingly untouched and highly diverse. The Highlands are often called an adventurer playground where hikers can move along the Laugavegur Trail and experience Iceland’s beauty and biodiversity. I love to hike and have always wanted to see this hike first-hand.

Kangaroo Island

Your best piece of travel advice?

Being a large and diverse landscape I recommend visiting one of Australia’s less visited gems like Tasmania, Kangaroo Island, The Outback, or Western Australia. Australia is home to plants and animals found nowhere else, like kangaroos, dingoes, wallabies, echidnas, wombats, and more. Seeing these creatures thriving in their natural habitat while immersing yourself in a less-known part of Australia is pretty special. I encourage you to ask local tour guides for the hidden gems they recommend to experience something uniquely Australian, whether it’s a hidden speakeasy nestled off a vibrant street in Melbourne or a tranquil beach outside of Sydney.