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My husband will be working overseas for several months and has his first leave in May. We're looking for somewhere where we can "reconnect" with a balance of seclusion, luxury, unspoilt beaches, delicious food and a temperature in mid 20s! Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, all appeal but it looks like it would be rainy. He will be flying out of Dubai where I will join him. Can you advise on the best option?

Bentota Beach, Sri Lanka


Dear Fiona

Unfortunately, most of Southeast Asia will be quite rainy during May, so as an alternative I would highly recommend Sri Lanka instead. It’s really easy to get to from Dubai, as Emirates fly between the two countries on a regular basis, which will work really well for your husband. Sri Lanka is a fascinating country with a vast mixture of cultural and wildlife, also the food out there is similar to what you would expect in India, but only better in my opinion! Sri Lanka has a wonderful coastline but you’re not going to find those unspoilt beaches that you are looking for. However, you can enjoy laying on your sun lounger while watching the local fisherman coming in at the end of the day, and cows migrating up and down the beach. Another option you could consider would be to spend some time in Sri Lanka, then head off to the Maldives for a bit of total relaxation at the end of your holiday, which would offer you the seclusion you are looking for.

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