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Cairo in Egypt

Things to do in Egypt

A land of ancient intrigue and popular legend, Egypt offers visitors an extensive choice of attractions, activities and experiences. The Pyramids of Giza, which have long enthralled travellers with their scale and grandeur, are top of the list for many and we can show you how to experience this area away from the crowds.

Nearby, Cairo is best explored on a walking tour, its ancient and modern streets offering contrasting insights into North African culture. A wonderful antidote to the hustle and bustle, a Nile cruise or a trip to the Red Sea to snorkel and dive makes a relaxing end to your holiday.

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Ideas for experiencing Egypt

Experiences you have as you travel often hold the longest memories. As part of their research trips, our specialists seek out authentic ways to get to know Egypt, and the best local guides. These activities reflect some of their best-loved experiences.

  • Madinat Habu

    Explore the West Bank


    The West Bank at Luxor is known as the Theban Necropolis. This full day excursion will typically include the Tombs of the Theban rulers and the Temple of Hatchepsut.

  • Abu Simbel

    Abu Simbel tour, Egypt


    The great Sun Temple of Abu Simbel epitomises the monumentalism of the New Kingdom during its imperial heyday, when Ramses II waged colonial wars from the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon to the Fourth Cataract.

  • El Alamein, Egypt

    El Alamein Tour


    El Alamein is an apt name for a place that witnessed the turning point of the North Africa campaign, determining the fate of Egypt and Britain's empire.

  • Detail from a door, Coptic Cairo

    Churches & Synagogues of Old Cairo


    Old Cairo is contained within the boundaries of the Roman fortress of Babylon, where the Copts built their churches for protection.

  • Avenue of sphinxes, Luxor Temple

    Explore the East Bank


    The modern town of Luxor has grown up around the two temples of Luxor and Karnak. The name Luxor is a corruption of the Arabic word "El Qsour", meaning castles or palaces, a reference to these two magnificent temples.

  • Spices, Khan El Khalili, Cairo

    Museum, Citadel, Mosque & Souqs


    Situated on a spur of the Muqattam Hills, the citadel dominates Cairo's skyline and was the nerve centre of the city and wider Egypt for almost 700 years.

  • Alexandria, Egypt

    Alexandria Tour


    Visit some of the key sights in Alexandria, including Pompey's Pillar, the Catacombs of Kom es-Shoqafa, Alexandria National Museum and Alexandria Library.

  • The Pyramids of Giza

    Giza, Saqqara & Dahshur


    As the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the pyramids at Giza occupy a unique place in world history, and are a perennial favourite with travellers.

  • Philae Temple

    Philae Temple Excursion


    Take a short boat ride before disembarking into a colonnaded courtyard, which will lead you into Philae Temple itself, flanked by wonderfully carved pylons.

  • Temple of Philae, Aswan, Egypt

    Philae Temple Sound & Light Show


    The highlight of this excursion is crossing the Nile in a boat and being greeted by sights of the floodlit Philae Temple silhouetted against the rocks and surrounding water.