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Places to visit in Peru

Places to visit in Peru

Hike the Inca Trail, explore Machu Picchu, and take a boat tour of Lake Titicaca on a tailor-made Peru trip

When the conquistador Pizarro swept into the Inca capital Cuzco, he was struck by its stonemasonry. The Spanish swept away many of the city’s Inca structures, but kept the first few stone layers to build on. This meeting of old- and new-world architecture is evident as you wander Cuzco. However, the Spanish never reached Machu Picchu, and the Inca’s consummate skill as precise stoneworkers still shines there.

Spain’s Baroque and Moorish influences, and its Catholic faith, are never far away in cities like Lima and Arequipa. On Lake Titicaca, the Uros people live on floating islands made from tortora reeds, much in the way they have since Pre-Columbian times.

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Popular places to visit in Peru

Featuring heavily on our itinerary ideas for visiting Peru, these selected places are destinations that we know prove consistently popular with our travellers. How you choose to include them in your trip can be tailored into a route that best suits your preferences.

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