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Impala, Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta safaris

Impala, Okavango Delta

Covering almost 5,800 square miles (over 15,000 square kilometers) the Okavango Delta in Botswana is one of the largest freshwater inland wetlands on the planet and it turns the red sands of the Kalahari Desert into a land of plenty.

It is an incredible location for viewing Africa’s amazing wildlife such as lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and the semi-aquatic red lechwe antelope. It is also home to hundreds of bird species including many that are rare, making this a birdwatcher's paradise.

One of the unique aspects of a visit here is a trip in a mokoro (a locally made dugout canoe) that will take you to inaccessible locations and hidden islands for glorious periods of solitude and wildlife spotting.

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Wildlife of the Okavango Delta

There is no doubt that the Okavango Delta is one of the best places in Africa for seeing incredible game in a unique environment. The wildlife of the Delta is plentiful, relaxed and superb for photography.

The Big Five

The Delta is one of the few places where you can see the Big Five: lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. Big-game hunters coined that term as they regarded those five as potentially the most dangerous of the animals they hunted.

The Linyanti Wetlands

The Linyanti Wetlands, to the north of the Delta, are known for huge herds of elephant and buffalo, particularly in the dry season, while all over the Delta you will find lion, leopard, cheetah, spotted hyena and side-striped jackal.

Wildlife in abundance

Certain areas of the Delta also offer a good chance to see the rare African wild dog, while antelope are also prolific, with impala, zebra, wildebeest, kudu, and tsessebe easily sighted. The shy reedbuck inhabits the wetlands and the rare sitatunga can sometimes be spotted in the papyrus swamps. Giraffe, warthog and baboon are found everywhere.

Birdlife in the Delta

The Delta is also renowned for its fantastic birdlife, with little bee-eaters, malachite and giant kingfishers, slaty and black egrets, lesser and purple gallinules, and wattled cranes in the watery areas. There are Meyer's parrots, fiery-necked nightjars and Heuglin's robin; from secretary birds to swallow-tailed bee-eaters, you won't be disappointed.

Flooding in the Delta

The water that creates the Okavango Delta starts life as rain in the highlands of central Angola, some 680 miles (1,100 kilometers) away.

The floodwaters first come into the panhandle area of the Delta in the northwest, usually appearing in April, and slowly work their way through the whole Delta area, reaching the southeastern areas by August. Throughout the rest of the year the waters gradually recede and the areas of dry land increase, but there are areas of permanent water throughout the year. At the center of the Okavango is one of its largest islands, Chief's Island, which is famous for its game concentrations.

The wonderful thing about the Okavango Delta, however, is that it offers fantastic game-viewing and beautiful scenery throughout the year, with something incredibly special to offer in all seasons. Click on the tabs on the flood-map above to get an idea of how the waters increase and recede throughout the year and find out more information on what each season offers.

Okavango Delta Concessions

The government of Botswana has introduced a deliberate policy of deterring the "budget traveler" from large parts of the Okavango Delta to try to protect the fragile ecosystems of the area. To achieve this, it has created over a dozen private concession areas that strictly control visitor numbers. Many of these areas are hundreds of square miles in size and include a large variety of diverse habitats plus all the usual game-viewing.

Our specialists have spent time in all these concessions so they will be able to advise you on the right ones for your trip.

Game drive in the Abu Concession

Abu Concession

In the southwest of the Okavango Delta, the Abu Concession encompasses deep blue channels and lagoons, verdant green floodplains and sandy islands with ilala and wild date palms.

Cheetah cubs

Chitabe Concession

Bordering the Moremi Game Reserve in the southern Okavango Delta, the Chitabe Concession is both picturesque and rich in game.

Cheetah in the Okavango Delta

Stanley's Concession

Stanley's Concession is situated to the south of Chief's Island. With the Moremi Game Reserve as its border this is a classic Okavango concession.

Lion hunting buffalo in the Duba Concession

Duba Concession

The Duba Concession is home to Botswana’s largest herds of buffalo, and as a consequence, to Africa’s densest lion population.

Nile crocodile

Gunn's Concession

In the heart of the Okavango Delta, Gunn's Concession is dominated by the deep Boro River. Many of the activities in the Gunn's Concession are focused on the water.

Red lechwe crossing a stream in the Jao Concession

Jao Concession

The Jao Concession sits in the southwest reaches of the Okavango. There are a number of small camps on the reserve, ranging from luxury chalets to tree top houses.

Elephants at a waterhole

Khwai Concession

The private Khwai Concession is situated adjacent to the world renowned Moremi Game Reserve.

Game drive in the Nxabega Concession

Nxabega Concession

Situated deep in the heart of the Okavango Delta, the Nxabega Concession is predominantly about water.

Game drive in the Kwara Concession

Kwara Concession

The Kwara Concession borders the Moremi Game Reserve and is a maze of waterways, islands, seasonal floodplains and thick bush.

Guided walk from Mokolwane Camp

Xudum Concession

Located to the southwest of the Okavango Delta this huge private concession stretches for 25,000 hectares.

Mokoro ride in the Shinde Concession

Shinde Concession

The Shinde Concession is located in the northeastern Delta and shares a long southern boundary with the Moremi Reserve.

Giraffe and zebra in the Vumbura Concession

Vumbura Concession

The Vumbura Concession is a mixture of water and dry land, its camps offer game drives, night drives, walks, boat and mokoro trips.

Xigera Mokoro Trails

Xigera Concession

The Xigera Concession is situated in the absolute heart of the Okavango Delta and is superb for birdwatching.