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Audley specialist Tim


Argentina & Chile Specialist

My passion for travel was ignited in 2015 when I left my home in England to cycle around the world. This was a journey of 46,500 km, through 39 countries and took me three years. It re-sparked my love for travel and the world so much that once that adventure finished I changed career, becoming an author and international bike guide, before joining Audley in 2023.

My favourite region in South America was Patagonia and even though I struggled with an intense headwind each pedal stroke, it was worth it as I soon left the pampa and my eyes were forced open and wide to witness the true beauty of Torres Del Paine. Upstart granite rock towers that seem to have risen from the ground like Patagonian sentinels standing guard to separate you from the pampa before you, to the mountains and glaciers you will visit after them.

I love cycling in South America so much that I took a sabbatical with my partner in 2022 and cycled from Bolivia to Ushuaia. But south this time (so the wind was on my back!). This trip saw us cross the arid windblown high Andes between Bolivia and Chile, before heading back to be given safe passage across Patagonia and the mighty sentinels of Torres del Paine. I hope now to share my knowledge and passion with you as you plan your own epic travels across the region.

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Audley specialist Tim

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Q&A with Tim

Tim cycling in Chile

What's the one thing you always pack?

Without doubt a down jacket. Don’t buy a cheap one but something which has all the qualities to keep you warm and can pack down really small. The weather is constantly changing throughout both Chile and Argentina, so it's essential for when the temperature suddenly drops. Even in the Atacama Desert the nights can drop to single digits so it's best to have a handy, warm layer always accessible. It makes a rather good pillow for those overnight flights too.

Perito Moreno Glacier

What’s your most vivid travel moment?

I remember the first time I laid on eyes on Perito Moreno, the famous glacier at El Calafate. I didn’t know what to expect and had only been told by others it was a “must-see”. I paid my money and walked down the metal ramp to be greeted with one of the most majestic natural sights I have ever seen. Light crescendoed off the bright blue glacier and into the perfect still blue lake all around. An ever-moving mass of ice, the same size as Buenos Aires, which creaked and bowed under the weight of its own mass. Huge icebergs would collapse off the walls of the glacier, some as big as cars, and they would crash into the still icy water before bouncing back up and then settling eerily stilly, like they were waiting for something. It was electric and me and everyone around me just stood and watched and waited for the next crash bang and fall.

Jaguar in the Pantanal, Brazil

Where would you love to travel next?

I would love to visit some the Amazon River or the Pantanal in Brazil. There is some epic gravel and off-road cycling in between stays at stunning jungle lodges and the chance to see a jaguar or tapir in the wild.