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Audley specialist Georgia


Japan Specialist

My first experience of Japan was when I moved to Osaka for a year to teach English in 2020. I lived in a shared house and became fast friends with both my Japanese and international housemates. Having Japanese friends really elevated my experience of the country as I was able to pick up the loveable local dialect of Osaka-ben and make unforgettable memories like glamping in Amanohashidate.

Prior to living in Japan, I had always enjoyed Japanese cuisine, karaoke and anime. My top recommendations for all three would be Sukiyaki, Hikaru Utada’s ballad ‘Flavour of Life’ and visiting Akihabara for the manga enthusiasts. If you’re looking for serene views I’d suggest trips to Okinawa, Miyajima Island and any street during the enchanting Sakura season.

This year I really wanted to grow in a new role which combined my love of travel and working in a client facing role and that’s why Audley seemed like a great fit for me.

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Audley specialist Georgia

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Q&A with Georgia

Local farmer preparing chicken sukiyaki

What’s the best local dish you’ve tasted?

Sukiyaki is my favourite Japanese dish. It’s best eaten with a group of people and is usually enjoyed during the winter season. The meal is soup based and you usually add in mushrooms, thin slices of beef, cabbage, soy sauce, mirin and tofu. The fun part of the meal is taking your cooked meat and dipping it into a raw egg which in turns cooks the egg and makes for a fab tasting sauce. This meal is arguably a family favourite, great for special occasions and very easy to replicate at home.

Gondolas on the Grand Canal, Venice

Where would you love to travel next?

Next on my list to visit would be Venice. I’d love to see it against the backdrop of carnival, which seems to transport you to another world of masques and mystery set against the rhythmic bumping of gondolas.

Audley specialist Georgia

Your best piece of travel advice?

If you’re visiting Japan, my top tip would be to buy a coin purse. You can purchase these from Daiso or Don Quixote for 100 yen and they’re a real lifesaver when moving through the country, as they are still quite a cash-based society. In addition, there’s a range of coin purses you can buy that have popular characters on them or more traditional styles that make for a great souvenir when you come back home.