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Andy in North Orissa, India

Andy, India and Nepal Specialist

Andy's passion for travel began aged 18 backpacking for a month by himself through India, followed a few years later by a three year global trip involving trekking in Nepal, volunteering in the slums of Calcutta, sailing down the Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh on the Rocket steamer, working in Hong Kong and hitch hiking from one side of Australia to the other.

When Andy returned to the UK he joined a travel company to indulge his curiosity for new places and cultural experiences and has visited destinations as diverse as Bolivia to Burkina Faso, Laos to Mongolia and Iran to the Indonesian islands of Flores and Komodo. However there's no question that Andy's heart lies in the Indian Subcontinent, visiting the majority of countries there including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and India many times.

Since joining Audley, Andy has returned to India, travelling through Rajasthan, and Nepal, to trek in the Annapurna region, further exploring the fascinating and diverse cultures of both countries. When Andy is not travelling he's mostly thinking about it! He enjoys walking, food, music and looking after his Australian Bearded Dragon.

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Andy, an Audley Travel specialist

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Mumbai (Bombay), India

I recommend visiting - Mumbai (Bombay)

Mumbai is often referred to as the New York of India! It's one of the world's fastest growing cities, India's economic powerhouse, its fashion capital and of course home to Bollywood movies.

It has everything that India has to offer: teeming bazaars, a fantastic, efficient if not overcrowded suburban train service, skyscrapers, and is home to Asia's largest slum Dharavi, of which tours are a fascinating insight into the communal way of life of its residents. There is the Victoria Terminus railway station, which is one of the most outstanding examples of British colonial architecture.

Getting lost in the bazaars and simply walking the streets, seeing the sights or for the brave jumping on one of the many suburban trains is a great way to explore this amazing city.

Chanoud Garh

I recommend staying at - Chanoud Garh


It was a humbling experience to stay at the Hotel Heritage in Bhaktapur, a fantastic property carefully designed and built with 400 year old local wood carvings and traditional building materials. Some of the best food and service in Nepal and the attention to detail of the hotel with its exquisite furnishings was second to none.

On top of this the fascinating medieval city of Bhaktapur, how Kathmandu was 25 years ago, is a 10 minute walk away. The hotel's slogan is 'one stay you will never forget'. I haven't and I can't wait to return.

I'll never forget when…

Being in Mumbai during Diwali (the Indian Festival of Light) was an amazing and memorable experience. This is celebrated by letting off thousands of fireworks, the whole of Mumbai was celebrating and the evening sky was ablaze with a riot of colour from the fireworks. We partied with the 'Mumbaikers' well into the night. A mind-blowing experience and I don't even like fireworks!

Photos of Andy

  • Andy sporting his new turban in Rajasthan, India Andy sporting his new turban in Rajasthan, India
  • Andy at the Taj Mahal, India Andy at the Taj Mahal, India
  • Andy at the Palace of the Winds, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India Andy at the Palace of the Winds, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Photos taken by Andy

  • Mumbai street-sellers Mumbai street-sellers
  • Early morning off Strand Road, Calcutta Early morning off Strand Road, Calcutta
  • Early morning sunlight off Strand Road Calcutta Early morning sunlight off Strand Road Calcutta
  • Wild asses, Dasada, Gujarat Wild asses, Dasada, Gujarat
  • Diu Island Diu Island
  • Junagadh Junagadh
  • Old City Ahmedabad Old City Ahmedabad
  • Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
  • Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
  • Diu Island Diu Island
  • Gujarat Gujarat
  • Junagadh Junagadh