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Milesh visiting Grand Canyon National Park, USA


USA Specialist

It’s my Indian/African heritage that sparked my intrigue of travel and hearing stories of exploration and migration. I remember making an annual month-long holiday to India as a child. The sight of seeing the Taj Mahal for the first time will forever be etched in my memory. It was here where the seeds were sown for a yearning to explore this planet. And so, I did, by becoming cabin crew for a well-known British airline. After many visits to the USA, I slowly fell in love with a country that has captivated me my entire life and not just because of Hollywood.

I love Yosemite and it’s overbearing and yet so beautiful Sequoia trees standing tall against the backdrop of El Capitan. I’m in awe of the serenity of Joshua Tree National Park and I was captivated by the nearly two billion years of history of our planet in the Grand Canyon. From the beautiful beaches in LA, to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, to the hubbub of Las Vegas, the USA draws you in and pulls you close. The best part though is the drive on Highway 1 from Monterey Bay to Los Angeles where intimate viewpoints of the ocean await you.

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Joshua Tree National Park

What’s the one thing you always pack?

It’s obvious, but I always travel with my iPhone. The purpose is to embrace technology and use it as a travel companion when away. So, I always use Airalo which offers excellent deals on roaming as it can be expensive to roam with your home provider. I always download any useful travel apps for the trip, such as the app for the airline I’ll be using as check-in online and having the boarding pass on your phone saves so much time. AllTrails is an excellent app to use to find trails in your destination if you want to hike, run, bike, or roll your way around the destination.

Sunset at Grand Canyon National Park, USA

What’s your most vivid travel moment?

Most of us have heard of the Grand Canyon or seen it on TV or film and in pictures. But to see it in real life is something else. On a sunset jeep tour to the Grand Canyon while on a month-long tour of the West Coast of the USA the anticipation to see it at sunset was building. I knew that there was going to be clear skies on the day after a glorious autumnal day. The sun was a bright glow at golden hour. The jeep stopped at various points along the way to view it. Pictures don’t do it justice. And we stopped at the final viewpoint for sunset, and when the clock struck 18:30 the rocks turned a hue of orange, and red, and even some warm blues. We could even see the blue and green of the Colorado River. Life stopped for what feels like eternity as we took in the views. It was breathtaking.

Leopard in the Mara

Where would you love to travel next?

The Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya and an African Safari adventure have long been at the top of my bucket list. I’ve heard it’s home to the greatest animal show on Earth. This is the home of animals, the wild, where they belong.