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Street art, food markets and World War II memorials, all in Germany’s capital city, Berlin.

The first gap of the Berlin Wall Combining a complex history, neoclassical monuments and an edgy street art scene, Berlin is a modern capital where you can enjoy historical tours, exceptional shopping and a vibrant nightlife. A city once divided by a 3.5 m tall (11.8 ft) concrete wall, Berlin is now a sprawling metropolis that shows its multitude of identities through its many districts.

We can arrange a Jewish heritage walking tour, where you get to see the impact Jewish Berliners had on the city, and the effect Nazism had on them. Visit the Reichstag, where the German parliament meets, or head to Brandenburg, the neoclassical gate that’s long been a symbol of Berlin. You can also explore the abundance of exhibits on Museum Island, where you’re sure to find something to pique your interest.

The best way to get from place to place in Berlin is the metro system, on foot, or by taxi. You’ll see most of the locals getting around on bicycle.

Things to see and do in Berlin

Jewish heritage walking tour

You can glimpse the city from a different perspective when you embark on a Jewish heritage walking tour. You'll see the areas that were once home to a thriving Jewish community, and visit the monuments commemorating important events of World War II.

The tour also takes you to the former square that was once home to a Jewish-run fashion industry, as well as the site of a Nazi book burning. You'll walk along the street where non-Jewish wives and family members protested the arrest of Jewish men, and you'll see the site of a shop that bribed the Gestapo to protect its Jewish employees. The Berlin New Synagogue offers a fitting end to the tour.

World War II history tour

Berlin was the location of the Führerbunker, where Hitler spent his final days during the war. The bunker has since been destroyed and paved over, but in the nondescript parking lot you’ll see a plaque to remind you of what happened there. In a former air raid shelter, there’s a recreation of Hitler’s office from the bunker.

You’ll also visit the Topography of Terror, a memorial at an intact portion of the Berlin Wall that details the history of repression under the Nazi regime. To further pay respects, you can visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, and walk among the rows of concrete slabs that make up the memorial.

Street art tour

Berlin is a UNESCO-designated City of Design, and perhaps nothing is more emblematic of the city’s art scene than its street art. Likely owing at least in part to the graffiti that overtook the remnants of the Berlin Wall after its dismantling, the street art often has strong socio-political messages.

Visit the East Side Gallery, the longest remaining remnant of the wall, to see the street art done by local artists. Then head to the district of Kreuzberg, and see the street art in the gritty area of Görlitzer Park.

Trabant tour

Parked TrabantsA vintage car synonymous with daily life in East Germany after World War II, the Trabant was a compact, boxy car with no modern features. We can arrange for you to drive a Trabant as part of a Cold War tour of the city. Follow the caravan of Trabis, as they’re affectionately called by locals, and visit important places from the Cold War.

You'll see Checkpoint Charlie, the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin. And, you'll pass Brandenburg Gate, the neoclassical monument that provided the backdrop to President Reagan’s ‘tear down this wall’ speech.

Visit nearby Potsdam for the day

Potsdam borders Berlin and is situated along the Havel River. Historically a residence of Prussian kings and the German Kaiser, the carefully planned architecture and landscape gives the city a dreamy, pastoral feel.

We can arrange for you to explore this city on a guided tour. You’ll visit Sanssouci Palace, the former summer residence of Frederick the Great, a Prussian king. The sunny yellow façade is dotted with seemingly countless statues and topped with a patinated dome.

In the pristinely manicured garden you’ll find terraced vineyards, the highest of which is where Friedrich and his beloved greyhounds are buried. You can also visit Cecilienhof in Potsdam, an English country house-style palace where Josef Stalin, Harry Truman and Winston Churchill met after World War II to determine Germany’s future.

Best time to visit Berlin

The best time to visit Berlin is from May to September when the weather is the nicest. However, it’s possible to visit year-round. In April, Berlin celebrates Unity Day, a holiday commemorating the reunification of Germany in 1990.

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    • Jewish heritage walking tour
      Star of David on Berlin synagogue

      Jewish heritage walking tour

      Jewish heritage walking tour

      This half-day Jewish heritage walking tour will take you around Berlin with a private guide, who will show you places throughout the city important to the history of Jewish Germans, especially during World War II.

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    • Drive your own Trabant car
      Parked Trabants

      Drive your own Trabant car

      Drive your own Trabant car

      Get a glimpse of life in East Berlin during the Cold War on this self-driving tour in the emblematic Trabant. You’ll get to see remnants of the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate.

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