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Alice has always had an interest in travel, after experiencing a variety of countries around the world on family holidays.

After finishing school in Dorset, she had the opportunity to take a gap year and immediately leapt at the chance of being able to explore India and parts of Southeast Asia. This trip sparked her passion for travel and she fell completely in love with Indian culture. During this time she travelled to both the north and south of the country and worked for five weeks in an orphanage in Tamil Nadu.

On returning from her travels she then studied at Oxford Brookes University for three years, before moving to London to start her career. Since joining Audley, Alice has had the opportunity to return to Rajasthan, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, experiencing walks through tea plantations, national parks, the Backwaters, as well as cooking lessons from locals.

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I'll never forget when…

My most memorable experience is without a doubt going on safari in Ranthambhore National Park, and being lucky enough to spot not only three tiger cubs, but also their beautiful mother. It was a wonderful experience to sit in the jeep and watch these tigers walk past only a few feet away in all their majestic glory.

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Alice at Mysore Palace, Karnataka Alice at Mysore Palace, Karnataka