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Jade, Southeast Asia Specialist

Being a naturally curious person, I have always been drawn to travel and the opportunity it brings for new and diverse experiences. I finally had the chance to travel to Southeast Asia in 2015, booking a one-way ticket with the intention of exploring for around six months.

With each remarkable experience I had, I longed to see more and quickly decided that six months may have been an ambitious timescale. I was spending a substantial amount of time in each county, often volunteering or working to prolong my experience and feel more immersed in the varying cultures.

Eighteen months later I landed back in London having explored ten amazing countries. It seemed a surprise to some when I came home and commented on being desperate to return to Southeast Asia but I will always be fascinated by the people and cultures and will continue to seek out unusual and engaging encounters.

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I'll never forget when…

My experience on Kinabatangan River will always stand out for me. During the two and half hour boat journey to Sakau Rainforest Lodge we saw a variety of wildlife but our river cruise on arrival included a moment I will never forget. Our group was sitting quietly on the river watching a group of gangly proboscis monkeys jumping through the trees, when around 12 hornbills flew over our heads. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, a young boy on the boat then pointed out a large estuarine crocodile moving along the bank nearby. It was a surreal but enthralling experience.

Photos of Jade

Jade visiting a water village from Kuching, Borneo Jade visiting a water village from Kuching, Borneo
Jade at Bako National Park, Borneo Jade at Bako National Park, Borneo
Jade visiting Malacca, Malaysia Jade visiting Malacca, Malaysia
Jade on the Kinabatangan River, Borneo Jade on the Kinabatangan River, Borneo

Photos taken by Jade

Gaya Island Resort Beach Gaya Island Resort Beach
Bako National Park Bako National Park
Crocodile, Kinabatangan River Crocodile, Kinabatangan River
KL Street Food KL Street Food