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Jack in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Kenya & Tanzania Specialist

My journey began early with my love and fascination for animals. This love for wildlife was fostered over the years and cemented when my parents booked us a trip to Botswana. I was surrounded by the wildlife I had always admired, and I instantly knew this was where I belonged. My dream to work alongside wildlife was born, and I have carried that since.

Through my love of wildlife, my passion for travel was born. I found myself working in the Bolivian jungle for two years, surrounded by jaguars, pumas, and monkeys. Each day was a new experience and world to explore, from the sights to the sounds of the jungle to the hands-on work I was doing with these majestic animals. This quickly led to research work in the jungles. However, data work wasn't my calling, which led me to my current role at Audley as a Kenya and Tanzania specialist. Here, I can share my passion and knowledge with you, creating an unforgettable experience.

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Q&A with Jack

Stone Town, Tanzania

What’s your most vivid travel memory?

My first trip to Tanzania remains unforgettable. Lost in an unfamiliar world, a chance encounter led us to a bustling restaurant filled with the aromas of grilled fish, sautéed vegetables, and ugali. My friend and I were beckoned by a smiling old man with pale blue eyes. Seated at his table, he ordered meals for us, sharing captivating tales of Tanzanian life. Halfway through the meal, he needed to leave and thanked us for sharing a meal with him. When we finished our food and went to pay, to our surprise, our bill was settled. The kindness of one old man and his vibrant stories left us speechless, and to this day, it is one memory I will never forget.

Mountain gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Where would you love to travel next?

My greatest desire is to travel to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in southwestern Uganda, the only home to the critically endangered mountain gorilla species found in the Virunga Mountains. I envision myself trekking through the dense jungle, surrounded by the sounds of exotic birds and colorful foliage. Suddenly, I come across a family of gorillas lounging in the sun as I make my way through the forest. I watch in awe as they engage in their daily activities of playing, eating, and grooming one another. It's an experience I've been longing for, and I believe every wildlife enthusiast should experience it at least once.

Reticulated giraffe, Kenya

Which book, film, or artwork captures Tanzania and Kenya most?

‘Beat About the Bush’ by Trevor Carnaby was first recommended to me by my first safari guide when I was 13 years old. Since then, I don’t go on a safari without it. The book masterfully captures the essence of safari in Kenya and Tanzania by intertwining vivid narratives with profound ecological insights that one only gets spending years in the bush. Carnaby not only describes breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife by delving into the intricacies of the ecosystems but goes beyond exploring the relationship between species and the balance of nature through keen observation and storytelling. ‘Beat About the Bush’ is an immersive journey that not only celebrates the region's beauty but also fosters a deep appreciation for its ecological intricacies, making it a must-have for any safari.