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Alba, Sri Lanka Specialist

My parents have always loved to travel and I was lucky to visit some far-flung destinations while growing up. My desire to explore the world has kept growing ever since, and as a result, I have been working in the travel industry for the last 12 years.

My passion has taken me to the most wonderful locations: from diving the Wall of Sharks in French Polynesia to hiking in Patagonia.

As a wildlife and sports enthusiast, Sri Lanka had been on my list of destinations to visit for a long time when I first decided to venture there. With the warmth and charisma of its people, its rich culture, and incredible biodiversity, it was love at first sight.

Working for Audley has given me the chance to travel extensively in this remarkable country and get a deeper understanding of its history and culture.

Yala is Sri Lanka’s most renowned national park and it’s easy to understand why. The wildlife sanctuary is made up of forests, lagoons and grasslands that hug the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean and are home to a rich variety of wildlife. The park is home to over 200 bird species and 40 species of mammal, including the Sri Lankan elephant, the sloth bear and wild water buffalo. It also has one of the highest leopard population densities on the planet, giving visitors a good chance of spotting these graceful but elusive creatures.

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I'll never forget when…

One of the most magical moments I had in Sri Lanka was wild swimming in the Victoria Reservoir. The reservoir, which is in the heart of the country, is surrounded by forested hills and when we arrived a big storm had just passed. The sun was going down, leaving the sky a riot of bright orange and red reflections on the disappearing storm clouds. Swimming in the cool water in the freshly cleared air, the vast extent of the reservoir surrounding me and the views stretching to the hills and misty mountains beyond made for a highly memorable experience.

Photos of Alba

Alba in Dambulla Alba in Dambulla
Alba in Mihintale Alba in Mihintale
Alba in Sigiriya Alba in Sigiriya

Photos taken by Alba

Jaffna Jaffna
Elephant, Yala National Park Elephant, Yala National Park
Wilpattu National Park, Wilpattu National Park Wilpattu National Park, Wilpattu National Park
Wilpattu National Park, Wilpattu National Park Wilpattu National Park, Wilpattu National Park
Sloth Bear, Wilpattu National Park Sloth Bear, Wilpattu National Park
Peacock, Wilpattu National Park Peacock, Wilpattu National Park
Palm trees, Pallepola Palm trees, Pallepola
Beach, Yala National Park Beach, Yala National Park
Tangalle Tangalle
Colombo, Colombo Colombo, Colombo
Land monitor lizard, Anuradhapura Land monitor lizard, Anuradhapura
Dambulla Cave Temple Dambulla Cave Temple